Various - Vaultage 80 - A Vinyl Chapter

Various - Vaultage 80 - A Vinyl Chapter

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UK LP 1980 (Attrix - RB/11 LP)

A1 Birds With Ears - Head In My Bag
A2 The Objeks - Negative Conversation
A3 Emma Sharpe - Motorway
A4 The Reward System - Extradition
A4 The Hollow Men - Never Again
A6 Idrenes - Red Gold And Green
A7 Dick Damage And The Dilemma - Do The Winklepicker
B1 The Red Squares - The Russians Are Coming
B2 The Mockingbirds - Money
B3 The Exclusives - Sinking Gondola
B4 April And The Fools - You Do
B5 The Ammonites - Blue Lagoon
B6 Bright Girls - Hidden From History
B7 Life Size Models - Have You Seen My Friend

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Special thanks to:
Terry Newbury - for hours spent mastering the tapes, donkey work and nervous breakdown on our behalf
Gordon Vickery - at the cutting room.
Ken Hogg - sleeve and insert artwork.
Dave Rufton - screening the bloody merge, and insert photos.
Hilary Bloor - insert photos and typing.
Stewy Jones - A&R, ideas and assistance.
Shaun Jones - (TL) A&R, Fanzine, enthusiasm, ego.

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For band credits you'll have to try and figure out the insert on the scans page.


Various - Vaultage 80 - A Vinyl Chapter - UK LP 1980 (Attrix - RB/11 LP)Various - Vaultage 80 - A Vinyl Chapter - UK LP 1980 (Attrix - RB/11 LP)

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