Various - Welcome To Ax/ction Island

Various - Welcome To Ax/ction Island

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US 7" 1986 (Ax/ction - ACT. 5)

Charlie's Side
A1 Cancerous Growth - Delusionary Tactics
A2 Stupids - We Suck
A3 GG Allin - I Wanna Suck Your Cunt
Johnny's Side
B1 Psycho - Animal
B2 Spastic Rats - Incite To Violence
B3 PTL Klub - Constitutional Monarchy
B4 The Scam - Wasted Time

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Thanx to:
All the bands who participated in this project. Gary Smith for helping out the master together, R.K. Sloane for the ripping cover art, and to the people that buy this.... - you rule! -

A1 Cancerous Growth:
Marc Anthony God guitars, vocals
Terminal Tom bass
Charlie Infection drums
Recorded at Northeast Sound Studios
Produced by Cancerous Growth with Gary Smith

A2 Stupids:
Lineup on this recording:
Marty - guitar
Tommy - drums/vocals
Wolfie - bass
(Recorded at Treetop Ave. Studios, produced by Andrew Fryer)

B1 Psycho:
Johnny X - guitars
Mega - vocals
Charlie Infection - drums
Ed Lynch - bass

B4 The Scam
The Scam are:
Eric - vocals
Bill - guitar
Matt - bass
Kenny - drums
Recorded by Dave Spawlding at Double Edge Studios

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Additional Notes

There are no credits for the tracks by G.G. Allin, Spastic Rats or PTL Klub in the insert.


Various - Welcome To Ax/ction Island - US 7" 1986 (Ax/ction - ACT. 5)Various - Welcome To Ax/ction Island - US 7" 1986 (Ax/ction - ACT. 5)

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