Various - When Men Were Men... And Sheep Were Scared

Various - When Men Were Men... And Sheep Were Scared

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US LP 1985 (Bemisbrain - 72027-1)

A1 Rhino 39 - Hurry Up And Waite
A2 Rhino 39 - Sleep Walking
A3 The Vandals - The Dachau Cobana
A4 The Vandals - Frog Stomp
A5 Red Beret - Look Behind
A6 Red Beret - Roller Coaster Ride
A7 The Crewd - Audubon Baby
A8 The Crewd - Lady Of The Night
B1 Falling Idols - Defeat The Purpose
B2 Falling Idols - Cut It Out
B3 Secret Hate - Bomb Chic
B4 Secret Hate - Death In The Desert
B5 Nip Drivers - Rio
B6 Nip Drivers - E.Y.O.B.
B7 Target Of Demand - Air Head
B8 Target Of Demand - Target Of Demand

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Produced by Ron Goudie and Steve Sinclair
Recorded at Control Center.

Reviews & Opinions

Tim Yohannan, Maximum Rocknroll, November 1985: "...surprisingly unraucous tracks, mostly in the mid-tempo HC vein. Decent, but not mind-blowing".

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