Various - Who Cares

Various - Who Cares

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US LP 1981 (American Standard - A-001)

A1 AKA - Tomorrow's Theme
A2 Cheifs - No Justice
A3 Cheifs - Riot Squad
A4 Shattered Faith - Discontent
A5 Suspects - Baby Maybe
A6 Suspects - I Had Fun
A7 Civil Disobedience - Confused
A8 Political Crap - Rejected
A9 Civil Disobedience - Too Drunk Last Night
B1 Suspects - Hollywood Nightmare
B2 AKA - Liza Jane
B3 Cheifs - Scrapped
B4 Shattered Faith - Trilogy
B5 Civil Disobedience - Campaign Promises
B6 Suspects - Make Me
B7 Shattered Faith - I Love America
B8 Political Crap - On Your Own
B9 Political Crap - Slow Death

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Produced by Mark Petach
All tracks recorded and mixed in March 1981 @ Sound Off Studios, Compton, California.

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