Various - Why Are We Here?

Various - Why Are We Here?

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US 7" 1983 (No Core - 306081)

Side B
A1 Bloodmobile - Drug-Related Death
A2 Bloodmobile - Little Boy Blue
A3 Bloodmobile - The Smiths
A4 C.O.C. - Poison Planet
A5 C.O.C. - Indifferent
A6 C.O.C. - Too Cool
Side D
B1 Stillborn Christians - New Right
B2 Stillborn Christians - Fred
B3 Stillborn Christians - Aggression
B4 No Labels - Changes
B5 No Labels - Compromises

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Bloodmobile is:
"Sam Madison" lead guitar lead vocals.
"Brent Griffith" guitar.
"Rick Johnson" bass.
"Mike Williams" drums.
Thanx to: Jeff for not coming to Raleigh / Sam Kennington for being an asshole / Turbine [for not coming to Raleigh] / Todd and Myron for quitting / Margaret and Leigh / Errol / George for playing the tambourine / Hummingbird Studios / J.D. is cool / Thanx to all hardcore skaters (BMX sux)/

All songs by C.O.C.
Thanks to whoever expects to see their name here.
Recorded at Hummingbird Sound, Raleigh 6/83.

Stillborn Christians:
Recorded at Atlantis Audio Innovations, Raleigh NC
Engineers: Vincent Luciani and John Shinal
Jeb Bishop, bass and vocals
Gary Hess, guitar
Jon McClain, drums
Thanks to Raleigh bands and fans and David Larson

No Labels:
Songs written and © 1984 by No Labels

Cover: Jenkins Peterson

Reviews & Opinions

RUTH SCHWARTZ, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #8, SEPTEMBER 1983: The STILLBORN CHRISTIANS, NO LABELS, BLOODMOBILE, and C.O.C. contribute about three songs each to this exceptional testimony to the variety and power of the North Carolina hardcore scene. Don't miss out.

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Various - Why Are We Here? - US 7" 1983 (No Core - 306081)Various - Why Are We Here? - US 7" 1983 (No Core - 306081)

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