Various - Why Are We Here?

Various - Why Are We Here?

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US 7" 1983 (No Core - 306081)

Side B
A1 Bloodmobile - Drug-Related Death
A2 Bloodmobile - Little Boy Blue
A3 Bloodmobile - The Smiths
A4 C.O.C. - Poison Planet
A5 C.O.C. - Indifferent
A6 C.O.C. - Too Cool
Side D
B1 Stillborn Christians - New Right
B2 Stillborn Christians - Fred
B3 Stillborn Christians - Aggression
B4 No Labels - Changes
B5 No Labels - Compromises

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Bloodmobile is:
"Sam Madison" lead guitar lead vocals.
"Brent Griffith" guitar.
"Rick Johnson" bass.
"Mike Williams" drums.
Thanx to: Jeff for not coming to Raleigh / Sam Kennington for being an asshole / Turbine [for not coming to Raleigh] / Todd and Myron for quitting / Margaret and Leigh / Errol / George for playing the tambourine / Hummingbird Studios / J.D. is cool / Thanx to all hardcore skaters (BMX sux)/

All songs by C.O.C.
Thanks to whoever expects to see their name here.
Recorded at Hummingbird Sound, Raleigh 6/83.

Stillborn Christians:
Recorded at Atlantis Audio Innovations, Raleigh NC
Engineers: Vincent Luciani and John Shinal
Jeb Bishop, bass and vocals
Gary Hess, guitar
Jon McClain, drums
Thanks to Raleigh bands and fans and David Larson

No Labels:
Songs written and © 1984 by No Labels

Cover: Jenkins Peterson

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Various - Why Are We Here? - US 7" 1983 (No Core - 306081)Various - Why Are We Here? - US 7" 1983 (No Core - 306081)

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