Various - You've Heard It All Before - Crass Covers Compilation

Various - You've Heard It All Before - Crass Covers Compilation

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UK 2xLP 1993 (Ruptured Ambitions - C/RA~55)

A1 Blyth Power - Reality Asylum
A2 Decadence Within - Mother Earth
A3 The Apostles - Walls
A4 Corpus Vile - Berketex Bribe
A5 Urin-8 - Darling (Versus Andy T.)
A6 The Obscene Females - Securicor
A7 Backbone O'Reilly - What Did You Know...?
B1 Influx - Shaved Women
B2 Time To Think - Major General Despair
B3 Useful Idiot - So What?
B4 Mortified - What The Fuck?
B5 Spinners - So What?
B6 Roddy & The Six-Packs - Do They Owe Us A Living?
B7 C.D.S. - You've Got Big Hands
C1 Maggot Slayer Overdrive - General Bacardi
C2 Academy 23 - Demo(n)crats
C3 M.D.M. - Big A Little A
C4 Wordbug - Reality Whitewash
C5 Ten Naked Fish - Securicor
C6 The Desired - Poison In A Pretty Pill
D1 Radio Schizo - Bloody Revolutions
D2 Freedom Empire Of The Umpteenth Generation - Big Man Big M.A.N.
D3 P.M.T. - Heartrob Of The Mortuary
D4 Good Grief - You're Already Dead
D5 Wat Tyler - Our Wedding
D6 Anxiety Society - Don't Tell Me You Care
D7 Oi Polloi - The Greatest Working Class Rip-Off

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Patchy Crass tribute.

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