Wire - After Midnight

Wire - After Midnight

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UK LP 1995 (Harvest - SHSP 4085)

A1 Mary Is A Dyke
A2 Too True
A3 Just Don't Care
A5 New York City
A6 After Midnight
A7 Pink Flag
A8 Former Airline
A9 Dot Dash
B1 Love Ain't Polite
B2 Oh No Not So
B3 It;'s The Motive
B4 Stablemate
B5 No Romans
B6 Stepping Off To Quick
B7 Sand In My Joints
B8 Options R
B9 Once Is Enough
B10 Map Ref 41N 93W
B11 A Question Of Degree
B12 Two People In A Room

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Side A Title 1-6: LIVE 1st April 1977, The Roxy, London
All others DEMOS 1978

Vocals - Colin
Guitar - B.C. Gilbert
Bass - Lewis
Drums - Robert Gotobed

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Bootleg (therefore clearly not a proper Harvest release!). All songs previously issued as part of Behind The Curtain (Early Versions 1977 & 78).


Wire - After Midnight - UK LP 1995 (Harvest - SHSP 4085)Wire - After Midnight - UK LP 1995 (Harvest - SHSP 4085)

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