Wire - Document And Eyewitness

Wire - Document And Eyewitness

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UK LP+12" 1981 (Rough Trade - ROUGH 29 / ROUGH 29 12)

Electric Ballroom L.P.
A1 5/10
A2 12XU (Fragment)
A3 Underwater Experiences
A4 Everythings Going To Be Nice
A5 Piano Turner (Keep Strumming Those Guitars)
A6 We Meet Under Tables
B1 Zegk Hoqp
B2 Eastern Standard
B3 Instrumental (Thrown Bottle)
B4 Eels Sang Lino
B5 Revealing Trade Secrets
B6 And Then ...
B7 Coda
Notre Dame Hall 12"45
C1 Go Ahead
C2 Ally In Exile
C3 Relationship
C4 Underwater Experiences
D1 Witness To The Fact
D2 2 People In A Room
D3 Our Swimmer
D4 Heartbeat


UK 2xCD 2014 (Pinkflag - PF21CD)

CD 1
1 5/10 5:36
2 12XU (Fragment) 2:02
3 Underwater Experiences 2:46
4 Everythings Going To Be Nice 1:08
5 Piano Turner (Keep Strumming Those Guitars) 5:19
6 We Meet Under Tables 3:01
7 Zegk Hoqp 5:28
8 Eastern Standard 3:03
9 Instrumental (Thrown Bottle) 2:10
10 Eels Sang Lino 3:05
11 Revealing Trade Secrets 2:34
12 And Then... Coda 9:00
13 Go Ahead 3:49
14 Ally In Exile 4:14
15 Relationship 1:23
16 Underwater Experiences 2:32
17 Witness To The Fact 2:35
18 2 People In A Room 1:52
19 Our Swimmer 2:58
20 Heartbeat 3:16
CD 2
1 Our Swimmer 3:30
2 Midnight Bahnhof Cafe 4:32
3 Second Length (Our Swimmer) 2:49
4 Catapult 30 5:05
5 Ally In Exile (Personal Demo) 4:31
6 Go Ahead 5:56
7 Remove For Improvement 2:03
8 Over My Head 4:07
9 Safe 1:58
10 Relationship 1:13
11 Underwater Experiences 2:38
12 Eels Sang Lino 1:41
13 Cancel Your Order 3:07
14 Part Of Our History (Emerges) 14:36

Chart Placings

UK Indie Hit: 3, 11 wks


ROUGH 29 / ROUGH 29 12:

Live mixes - Eddie
Lighting - Simon Miles



Tracks 1-3 recorded at the Electric Ballroom, London 29.02.80
Tracks 14-20 recorded at the Notre Dame Hall, London 19.07.1979
Track 21 recorded at Le Pavilion, Montreux 09.03.1979

Tracks 1-2 recorded at Magritte Studio, Harmondsworth Dec 1979 [Our Swimmer 7", May 1981]
Tracks 3-4 recorded at Scorpio Sound, London Apr-May 1980
Track 5 recorded at Cadaques, Spain Jan 1979
Tracks 6-14 recorded in rehearsal rooms in london in 1979 & 1980

C. Newman, vocal, guitar, bass;
EG Lewis, bass, vocals, saxophone, keyboards;
R Grey: drums, percussion, saxophone;
B.C. Gilbert, guitar, bass

Mastered by Dennis Blackham at Skye Masters.
Tapes copied at Finyl Tweak.
Archive research by Mark Bursa.
Pitch correction at Swim Studio.
Poster image by B.C. Gilbert.
Cut-up and original sleeve design by E.G. Lewis
Wire photo by Annette Green
This album has been made by returning to the original source material, re-editing and remastering.
Full versions of all 3 gigs are available in the Legal Bootleg Series 2 (pinkflag.greeedbag.com)

Reviews & Opinions

PUNKY GIBBON: A confrontational double set of three live performances (all incomplete) where one is forced to recall that old joke about "avant garde" being French for "taking the piss". The main set (disc one) features the inclusion of nearly all of their audience-bating (then) final show, which was less a regular concert than a startlingly audacious tongue-in-cheek piece of "performance art". The audience is clearly not amused at the band's refusal to bang out a greatest hits selection: '1 2 X U' is reduced to a fragment despite a huge build-up; elsewhere , the band alternates between the intolerably self-indulgent and the hilariously obstreperous ('Underwater Experiences' gives 'Mr Suit' a run for its money in the shouty sweepstakes). Unfortunately, the sound is crap and it's essentially an audio document of a visual event, and becomes tiresome in a hurry. The accompanying 12" disc two sees Wire supporting Roxy Music, complete with booing from the crowd, a splendid version of 'Heart Beat' (recorded Live At Montreux) and both sides of their final single, the quite excellent Our Swimmer. The CD reissue adds more stuff, including some typically oddball 1979 demos.

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Wire - Document And Eyewitness - UK LP+12" 1981 (Rough Trade - ROUGH 29 / ROUGH 29 12)Wire - Document And Eyewitness - UK LP+12" 1981 (Rough Trade - ROUGH 29 / ROUGH 29 12)

UK LP+12" 1981 (Rough Trade - ROUGH 29 / ROUGH 29 12). Click here for more

Wire - Document And Eyewitness 1979•1980 - UK 2xCD 2014 (Pinkflag - PF21CD)

UK 2xCD 2014 (Pinkflag - PF21CD). Click here for more


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