Wire - Not About To Die

Wire - Not About To Die

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UK LP 1980 (Amnesia - AR-451)

A1 Save The Bullet [Oh No Not So]
A2 Culture Vultures
A3 Motive ["It's the Motive]
A4 Love Ain't Polite
A5 French Film (Blurred)
A6 Underwater Experiences
A7 Stalemate [Stablemate]
A8 Options R
A9 Indirect Inquiries
A10 Used To
B1 Being Sucked In Again
B2 I Should Have Known Better
B3 Once Is Enough
B4 The Other Window
B5 Not About To Die [Stepping Off Too Quick]
B6 On Returning
B7 Former Airline
B8 Two People In A Room

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Additional Credits

Colin Newman - vocals, guitars
Graham Lewis - vocals, bass
Robert Gotobed - drums
B.C. Gilbert - guitars

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Additional Notes

Bootleg. In typical bootleg style, some of the titles are wrong (correct ones are in square brackets), the labels bear a completely different title (Unsung Garage Heroes Vol.1), the band is listed as 'Fibrous Metal' [geddit?], and the catalogue number is BBR-003. Many of these songs were reissued on Behind The Curtain (Early Versions 1977 & 78).


Wire - Not About To Die - UK LP 1980 (Amneisa - AR-451)Wire - Not About To Die - UK LP 1980 (Amneisa - AR-451)

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