Wire - Wire Play Pop

Wire - Wire Play Pop

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UK LP 1986 (The Pink Label - PINKY 7)

A1 Low Down 2:26
A2 Dot Dash 2:28
A3 Mannequin 2:39
A4 Map Ref 41°N 93°W 3:45
B1 Outdoor Miner 2:55
B2 I Am The Fly 3:07
B3 1-2-X-U 1:56

Chart Placings

UK Indie Hit: 4, 13 wks


Produced by Mike Thorne
Sleeve Notes: The Legend!

Additional Credits

Colin Newman - vocals, guitars
BC Gilbert - guitars
Graham Lewis - bass, vocals
Robert Gotobed - drums

A1: From Pink Flag LP, released November 1977
A2: A-Side of Dot Dash 7", released June 1978
A3, B3: From Pink Flag LP and from Mannequin 7", both released November 1977
A4: From 154 LP, released October 1979; also A-Side of Map Ref. 41ºN 93ºW, released October 1979
B1: A-Side of Outdoor Miner 7", released January 1979
B2: A-Side of I Am The Fly 7", released February 1978; later part of Chairs Missing LP, released September 1978

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Wire - Wire Play Pop - UK LP 1986 (The Pink Label - PINKY 7)Wire - Wire Play Pop - UK LP 1986 (The Pink Label - PINKY 7)

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