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Australia LP 1984 (Happy Porpak - SEX 3524)

A1 Wire - Another The Letter
A2 Wire - Practice Makes Perfect
A3 Wire - Two People In A Room
A4 Wire - I Feel Mysterious Today
A5 Wire - Being Sucked In Again
A6 Wire - A Blessed State
A7 Wire - A Question Of Degree
A8 Wire - Mercy
A9 Wire - A Touching Display
A10 Wire - Former Airline
A11 Wire - French Film Blurred
A12 Wire - Men 2nd
B1 Magazine - Because You're Frightened
B2 Magazine - Twenty Years Ago
B3 Magazine - Song From Under The Floorboards
B4 Magazine - Model Worker
B5 Magazine - Motorcade
B6 Magazine - Burst
B7 Magazine - Interview: Howard Devoto & Peter Grace
B8 Magazine - Feed The Enemy
B9 Magazine - Shot By Both Sides

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A1-A12: Montreaux Palais des Artes, France, February 9th, 1979.
Newman - vocals
Gotobed - drums
Gilbert - guitar
Lewis - vocals, bass

B1-B4: John Peel Session, BBC, UK, 1980.
B4-B6: Elizabeth Ballroom, Bellview, UK, January, 1978. (The 3rd Gig!)
B8: Festival Hall, Melbourne, AUST, September 6th, 1980.
B9: Russell Club, Manchester, UK, May 3rd, 1980.

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Bootleg. The Wire show was actually March 9th, not February.


Wire / Magazine ‎– Wire Live / Dominoe - Australia LP 1984 (Happy Porpak - SEX 3524)Wire / Magazine ‎– Wire Live / Dominoe - Australia LP 1984 (Happy Porpak - SEX 3524)


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