X-Ray Spex - Art-I-Ficial

X-Ray Spex - X-Ray Spex - Art-I-Ficial

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UK LP 1990 (Art-I-Ficial - BBLP 01)

A1 Identity
A2 Artificial
A3 I Am A Poseur
A4 Genetic Engineering
A5 Warrior In Woolworths
A6 I Live Off You
A7 Oh Bondage, Up Yours
A8 Identity
B1 Lets Submerge
B2 Genetic Engineering
B3 Identity
B4 Obsessed With You
B5 Plastic Bag
B6 Germ Free Adolescents
B7 I'm A Cliche
B8 Day The World Turned Dayglow

Chart Placings



Tracks A1-A4 Maida Vale Studios, London Demos February 1978
Tracks A5-A6 Shepperton Studios, London November 1978
Tracks A7-A8 Rehersals, London Summer 1977
Track B1 Live London 1977
Tracks B2-B3 Live Revolver Studios Birmingham August 1978
Tracks B4-B8 Live In New York City USA March 1978

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Additional Notes

Bootleg from the same people that brought you Spermfree Geriatric.


X-Ray Spex - X-Ray Spex - Art-I-Ficial - UK LP 1990 (Art-I-Ficial - BBLP 01)

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