XS Energy (incoln, Lincolnshire, England, UK) - Discography

Formed: Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England, UK

Punksters with tunes. Like the label their drummer started to release their records, these are Dead Good.

Freddie Voltage (real name Angus McKenzie-Davie) - lead vocals, guitar
Max Headroom (real name Steve Mair) - lead guitar, vocals
Nicky Teen (real name Dave Lloyd) - bass, vocals on 1st single
Nick Fountaine - bass, vocals on 2nd single
Mark Up (real name Martin Patton) - drums



Singles & Albums

X.S. Energy - EighteenEighteen (7", 1978)

X.S. Energy - Use YouUse You (7", 1979)

Various Artists

Bloodstains Across The U.K. UK LP/CD 1996 (Bloodstains): Use You / Imaginary

Bad Teeth #4: U. K. & Irish Punk Bands V To Z: '77 - 82 US CDR ???? (Hyped To Death): Imaginary





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