The Yobs, London, England, UK

Formed: London, England, UK

Spanish 7"

The Boys under a pseudonym made rude comedy punk records once a year, all of them with a Yuletide theme, most of them exhibiting an unhealthy obsession with Nazis, and all of them (except the A-Sides of the first and last singles) pretty great. 'The Worm Song' is one of the all-time-classic flipsides. Subsequent Yobs releases: Xmas II (LP/CD, 1989), Leads 3 Amps. United 0 (CD, 1995) and The Worst Of The Yobs (LP/CD, 2001). Sme tracks by The Yobs alkso apepared on the following Boys releases: The Boys CD, Alternative Chartbusters CD, To Hell With The Boys CD, and The Complete Boys Punk Singles Collection.


Subsequent studio albums: XMAS II (1989), The Worst Of The Yobs (2001).

Singles / Albums

Run Rudolph Run Silent Night Rub-A-Dum-Dum The Yobs Christmas Album The Yobs On Forty Five
Run Rudolph Run
(7", 1977)
Silent Night
(7", 1978)
(7", 1979)
The Yobs Christmas Album
(LP, 1980)
The Yobs On Forty Five
(7", 1981)


Silent Night        
Silent Night
(7", split with The Dickies, 1983)

Various Artists

Bollocks To Christmas UK CD 1994 (Dojo Limited): Another Christmas / C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S

Punk Christmas Germany CD 1995 (Nasty Vinyl): Stille Nacht

25th Anniversary Commemorative Album Of Safari Records UK CD 2002 (Safari): The Battle Of The Warrington




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