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You can search for bands or phrases here. Give it a go. It's fun. Whee.


Due to the information/requests coming my way, I am now NOT including information on alternate/foreign pressings of records and reissues. Many thanks to everyone who has been sending updates on obscure foreign variants and reissues, but I've decided to make doing this website FUN again, not a brain-numbing chore.






Yep, another punk discography site. I was bored, okay?

The aim, eventually, is to be a completely comprehensive discography of genre records released before, during and after the glory days of 1977. If it's punk enough, I'll find space for it. If there's any band you would like to see included, please let me know; however, I don't know every punk band ever, so maybe you could write the piece and send it to me, and if I like it, I'll use it. If you could provide scans and shit, it'd be really appreciated. You'll become WORLD FAMOUS, as all input will be credited.

If you want to help, you can use the Contact and Add Info links to send me corrections & additions. All scans used will receive a credit and, where necessary, a link. Please make all record sleeve and label scans square (i.e. image them from above and not at an angle) in shape and at least 950x950 pixels. For CD trays, please make them at least 950 pixels wide.

I am not a professional writer, just a fan.

Punky Gibbon actively seeks out additional information, corrections, and amendments from YOU!

It is a work in constant progress, and welcomes additions, articles, further information and input from all.


"You ain't no punk you punk"

I aim to be comprehensive, with caveats. There are sooooo many bands that could be described as punk or punky - but aren't. Including them all would be as pointless as it is futile. I like to think all the well-known acts are going to be covered (this is a work in progress after all), as well as all the important "unknown" ones. There are literally thousands of painfully obscure bands that released singles and then vanished, bands hardly anyone has ever heard of.

If you want to find a place for them here, PLEASE CONTACT ME.

Many of the bands listed are indisputably Punk Bands: Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedys, Angelic Upstarts, (and though some morons dispute this) The Clash. The grey area usually lies with crossover artists and punk offshoots such as New Wave, Goth and Industrial. So I'll address them briefly.

PRE-PUNK BANDS - For the sake of history, I will be eventually be listing a number of pre-punk bands who have influenced punk in a big way: The Velvet Underground, MC5, Stooges, New York Dolls, Modern Lovers, a handful of 60s garage punk, Beefheart, some Krautrockers, pub rock, the Cleveland bands of the early 70s, and so on. Can't be arsed with Bowie, Kraftwerk, Hawkwind or Roxy Music, though I'll acknowledge their influence.

METAL/CROSSOVER - Suicidal Tendencies, a punk/thrash combo will be included; Sepultura and Slayer will not - too metal. Bands like Napalm Death are an entirely different genre, although I might include early Napalm Death if I ever get around to it.

ACTS WHO LEFT PUNK BEHIND - Given that a fair few of the bands have changed direction considerably or had only a brief connection with anything punk, I have only listed what I consider to be "relevant" releases. Elvis Costello's early work is punky enough for me, his latter work is another matter. Television Personalities stopped playing punk in the early 80s and have issued many, many records since. The same goes for Joe Jackson and Vic Godard (minus Subway Sect). To list millions of records that fall out of the scope of this work would be pointless and, for me at least, boring. To be fair, I have pointed out in the general text where these conditions apply. And just to be inconsistent, I've unashamedly listed full discographies for a few bands who moved away from punk, such as The Stranglers or XTC, because I like them more than Joe Jackson, but I've decided in these cases not to add links to individual records recorded after 1990.

MOD/POWER POP - The Jam, The Vapors and The Chords were the punky face of neo-mod and will eventually be addressed; The Circles and Squire weren't, and won't. "Skinny tie" bands have no place here, although some of the better "power pop" groups do: this is a personal choice.

ELECTRONIC BANDS - bands like Soft Cell and Heaven 17 are ignored; more new romantic I suppose. Other electronic bands such as Suicide, DAF and very early Human League have an unmistakable punk thing about them, if more to do with politics and attitude than actual music, so I'll find a place for them.

INDUSTRIAL/GOTH - I will be ignoring industrial bands - Throbbing Gristle and Chrome being notable exceptions - and Goth groups except maybe Bauhaus and a few others (Southern Death Cult, Brigandage). Ghost Dance and Sisters of Mercy are far enough removed from punk to be worth excluding, although I am happy to concede that the influence of punk is plain to see.

GRUNGE - You would be within your rights to describe Nirvana as punks and the Pixies as very punky indeed, but Pearl Jam and Jane's Addiction belong on somebody else's site, not mine. In fact, forget Nirvana and Pixies, I don't like either of them enough to trawl through their complicated discographies.

BANDS FORMED AFTER 1990 - I hate to admit it, but bands formed after 1990 have little or no interest for me. Punk, it seems, really is a cultural cul-de-sac and there's nothing interesting out there. We've got either pastiches of '77, or predictable street rock bands, or imitations of The Stooges/Dead Boys too numerous to mention. In general, I can't be bothered with any of the new stuff, and hold the opinion that punk's golden years were 1976-1986. There are some exceptions, however, and I shall include the few "new" bands I really like: Hard Skin, Armitage Shanks, The Vindictives. There were some newer bands already posted (Argy Bargy for instance), and I have decided to keep them here because I've already done the work.

SHIT NEW BANDS WITH A VAGUE PUNK INFLUENCE- . There have been many bands in the past decade that sound kind of punky - Ash, early Manic Street Preachers, Radiohead, Clinic - but I have left them out. Maybe I'll do a site on them too. Like when somebody puts a gun to my head.


Bands are arranged alphabetically, with "number" groups as if their name was spelt out (i.e. "nine nine nine" rather than "999"). Wherever I have not adhered to this rule I have used a cross-referencing system to send you to where those bands are discussed. Otherwise, you can search for specific stuff using the fancy search thingie (if it works), or by country, or even genre (when it gets done).

The listings contained within are as complete worldwide discographies as I can make them. The discographies are split into these categories:


This is a rather generic heading containing proper releases which fall within a band's career trajectory i.e. they go into a studio, record some songs, and release them in album/CD/single/cassette form. Maybe they issue a high profile compilation or live album with their consent, such as The Stranglers' Live X-Cert or Bad Religion's All Ages. Therefore, releases after a band has split up fall into the category below.

Extraneous releases

Includes records issued after a band has split (including high-profile best of's and live albums); cash-in live albums, compilations of demos and singles, box sets, twofers, unique reissues (such as the 1988 Clash singles I Fought The Law and London Calling).


This generally applies to anarcho and hardcore bands, who released their demos on cassette and sold them through the post or at gigs. They are not normal releases. Check out the Subhumans and The Apostles pages for elaboration.


I've been very selective about these.

When a band releases a new single or album, special copies of these are often sent out to radio stations or magazines as promotional tools. Sometimes they contain the full album/single, sometimes just selected tracks, and sometimes (in the case of promo CD singles), just the main song. Back in the days of vinyl, major record companies such as CBS and EMI issued promo (or demo) versions of many of their singles, which were usually identical to the standard releases except they would have legends such as "Release date" on the label, or big "A"s emblazoned across them so that reviewers and programmers would know which was the A-Side. Sometimes they came in company sleeves only, or generic looking ones which were all info and no fun. Therefore, they shared titles which their record they were promoting i.e. the promo version of 'White Riot' was also called 'White Riot'.

None of the above are included.

The only promos I shall include are ones with unique titles. Check out The Clash discography for details: promo versions exist for most of their singles, and are therefore excluded. There are however some other oddities: If Music Could Talk, Fingerpoppin' (AOR Re-Mix) and The World According To The Clash, which are.


Not to be confused with pirated copies of proper releases. I've been very selective about CDR releases because there are so many of them.

Various Artists

Again, I've been very selective about these because there are so many of them. Generally, I've included them when: tracks included are exclusive to that release, the track in question is a rare single made widely available (through, say, Anagram's "Punk Singles Collection" sets), or the album is in itself important and/or noteworthy (Live At The Roxy London WC2, 1-2-3-4 Punk & New Wave 1976-1979).



All discographies relate to legal releases that are (or were) publicly available, as well as some of the more interesting promos and as many bootlegs as I can cover.

Which pressings are covered, precisely? Well, your standard Punky Gibbon discography will include:

Original Pressings:

1. Original UK pressing (on vinyl and, if issued, simultaneously on that format, CD)
2. Original US pressing (on vinyl and, if issued, simultaneously on that format, CD)
3. Original [insert country here] pressing (on vinyl and, if issued, simultaneously on that format, CD) for non-English bands.

Therefore, An Aussie band like the Saints might warrant three pressings (UK, US and Australia); but an English band would warrant just two (UK and US).

Note that some Foreign pressings are included throughout. Many records since the early 90s were pressed in Germany and the Netherlands and distributed throughout the whole of Europe, including the UK. I have listed these as they are essentially UK releases, but I have stated their actual country of manufacture.

There also a number of labels which made records that were heavily imported into the UK, or intended for the UK market:

Epitaph Europe
Fan Club
New Rose
And some others

These have all been treated as if they were UK releases (although I have decided to remain true to their country of manufacture).


1. The best CD reissue. If the best CD reissue was issued in more than one territory, I've opted for the UK version as a first choice.
2. Especially interesting vinyl reissues. These are few and far between. A good example will be one which was never originally issued on vinyl, or a reissue loaded with extras.

Other Items:

1. Unique album length Foreign releases.
2. Tapes, if they're interesting enough

Promos and Bootlegs
4. Promos, if they are unique
5. Bootlegs


I have only noted cassingles and cassettes when they offer something unique (or are for some reason notable i.e. early examples of such), because I don't believe there is any real interest in these godawful things. I am not going to indicate the presence of inserts, special pressings and other record collector stuff, because although people keep asking me to, it's impossibly time-consuming. Essentially, you'll get all the releases of which I am aware; I'll give the original release date; label and catalogue number; track listing for each permutation; chart positions (where known); record credits as seen on the record; record credits not mentioned on the record (where known); reviews; and additional notes where I think it's appropriate. If they're pressed in red and you want to buy The Lurkers instead, I'll include that because coloured vinyl is fun, but I'm not about to go into the minute details of label variants or slight differences in font sizes on back covers.

COUNTRIES OF ORIGIN : In this day and age, with the advent of the Internet, the country where any given record is manufactured and/or released is increasingly irrelevant and often impossible to pin down. Many labels - and not just the majors - have worldwide distribution, and nowadays it is quite normal to find records (chiefly CDs) in the UK that are manufactured in mainland Europe or Germany. In many cases, country of origin is fairly obvious, but here are some notable exceptions: France may be the home of New Rose (and its affiliated labels, Last Call and Fan Club) and Line may be a German company, but these labels readily distributed their product in the UK. So what's the solution? I've opted for the easy route and listed New Rose records as French, and Line as German, and wherever possible (or where I've remembered) I have stated if they were issued in the UK in that format. Also, it's no harder ordering an overseas release than a domestic one these days. In other words, if the disc has a UK address on it, I've listed it as a UK release, ditto for the USA, ditto for Sweden.

RATINGS: You can't really compare Horses with Let's Start A War (Said Maggie One Day), at least in terms of perceived quality; they're so different. And you can't really claim one is more punk than the other (although the latter oh-so-obviously is: there's more swearing on it). I won't give ratings; they're for idiots who only skip to the 1 star review for a laughs. I might start issuing a "buyers guide" for some of the longer discographies, such as UK Subs or PiL, pointing you towards their key releases.



14th November 2015:
MANY UPDATES FOR LETTERS A to C - Record label scans added and band bios updated/improved
SHAM 69 - Discography and bio given complete revamp

4th July 2015:

THE LURKERS - Updated, improved and expanded
STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - Finally got round to adding my fave punk band from Northern Ireland. Thanks to Phil Pelling.

20th June 2015:

ACTION PACT! - Updated, improved and expanded
CHELSEA - Updated, improved and expanded

10th June 2015:

BUZZCOCKS - Updated, improved and expanded
SEX PISTOLS - Updated, improved and expanded
ALTERNATIVE TV - Updated, improved and expanded
Some vintage record reviews added: Another Music In A Different Kitchen / 999 / Cycledelic / Generation X [1st LP] / Alternative Chartbusters

7th May 2015:

THE SAINTS - Updated, improved and expanded

11th April 2015:

THE DRONES - Discography and band bio updated
BLITZKRIEG BOP - Discography updated and band bio updated - features exclusive interview with John Hodgson!
RUEFREX (Belfast, Northern Ireland) - NEW BAND! Feel free to send corrections, additions and further information

30th June 2014:

TRASH - UK power pop/new wave/punk band, updated with lots of photos, expanded discography and exclusive interview with singer Simon Wright
THE BOYS - Review and information of the new LP by The Boys - Punk Rock Menopause
RABID - Discography updated
RANDOMS - Discography updated
RAPED - Discography and band bio updated
REALITY CONTROL - Discography updated
REALLY RED - Discography updated
REDD KROSS - Discography and band bio updated, lots of new photos
RESISTANCE 77 - Discography updated
RF7 - Discography updated
RHINO 39 - Discography updated
RICH KIDS - Discography and band bio updated, with lots of new photos
RIKKI AND THE LAST DAYS OF EARTH - Discography and band bio updated, with lots of new photos

1st June 2014:

PSEUDO EXISTORS - New images and new records added to discography
PUNISHMENT OF LUXURY - New images and new records added to discography
PURE HELL - New feckin' band! Discography, photos and band bio.

31st May 2014:

THE LURKERS - Discography expanded and updated. New photos. Whee!
THE PARTISANS - Discography and bio updated
PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES - Discography and bio updated
PICTURE FRAME SEDUCTION - Some new covers and records added
THE PLUGZ - Lots of new discographical info
POISON GIRLS - Lots of new discographical info
THE PORK DUKES - Lots of new discographical info
THE PROFESSIONALS - New images added to discography
THE PROLES - New images added to discography
PROTEX - New images and new records added to discography

29th April 2014:
THE OFFS - Discography and bio updated
OMEGA TRIBE - Discography and bio updated
100 FLOWERS - Discography and bio updated
THE OUT - Discography and bio updated
THE OUTCASTS - Discography and bio updated
THE OUTSIDERS - Discography and bio updated

26th April 2014:
LYDIA LUNCH - Discography expanded and updated. New photos. Whee!
NICK LOWE - Discography updated. New photos. Whee!
LONDON - Discography updated. New photos. Whee!

24th April 2014:

999 - Discography updated. New photos. Whee!
NEON HEARTS - Some informational changes
NEW HEARTS - Discography updated. New photos. Whee!
NIP DRIVERS - Discography updated. New photos. Whee!
NO CHOICE - Discography updated
THE NUNS - Discography updated. New photos. Whee!

13th April 2014:

OVERGROUND RECORDS - Article from Record Collector added
MANIACS - Updated and expanded
MASTERSWITCH - Updated and expanded
THE MAU MAUS - Updated and expanded
MENACE - Updated and expanded
THE MEMBERS - Updated and expanded
M.I.A. - Updated and expanded
THE MIDDLE CLASS - Updated and expanded
LARD - Updated and expanded
THE LAST RESORT - Updated and expanded
LEGAL WEAPON - Updated and expanded
LEN BRIGTH ZOMBO - Updated and expanded
LEYTON BUZZARDS - Updated and expanded

3rd March 2014:

GAFFA - Updated to include new releases
D.O.A. - Split release with Attentat Sonore added
HANDBAG - New images added
THE HANSON BROTHERS - New images added

15th February 2014:

THE BOYS - Updated

10th February 2014:

THE POINTED STICKS (Vancouver, BC, Canada) - Finally got round to adding a new group! Thanks to Vesa for the write-up.

4th February, 2014:

All bands from the latter A to the letter E have been updated; bands from the letter F to the letter P have been partially updated; the other bands after the letter Q are still being worked on.

Here are a handful of examples

ANTI STATE CONTROL - Photos and information added
ABSTRACT CRITIQUE - Obscure anracho band no with lots of new info
A FEW TEARS - New info
THE DAMNED - Lots of new photos added, new write-up as well
THE CLASH - Lots of new photos added, new write-up as well
D.O.A. - Discography and band bio updated
EATER - Lots of new photos added, new write-up as well
THE EFFIGIES - Lots of new photos added, discographical additions

19th February, 2013:

HANDBAG - Ultra obscure UK gay punk band added

18th February 2013:

GAFFA - Discography and bio updated
GANG OF FOUR - Discography updated
GARBO - Discography updated
GATECRASHERS - Discography updated
GBH - Discography and bio updated
GENERATION X - Discography and bio updated
GENOCIDE - Discography updated
THE GENOCIDES - Discography updated
GERMS - Discography and bio updated
GIRLS AT OUR BEST! - Discography and bio updated
GOD'S LONELY MEN - Discography updated
THE GONADS - Discography updated
THE GOOD MISSIONARIES - Discography updated
DAVE GOODMAN - Discography updated
THE GORILLAS - Discography and bio updated
GREG GRAFFIN - Discography updated
GREAT BRITISH HEROES - Discography updated
THE GREEDIES - Discography updated
THE GYMSLIPS - Discography and bio updated

30th January 2013:

CATCH 22 - Punks from Hull, England, UK - new band
CATWAX AXE CO. - Punks from Derby, England, UK - new band
THE CLERGY - Punks from Reading, Berkshire, England, UK - new band
CRIMINAL JUSTICE - Punks from Huddersfield, England, UK - new band
FUNGUS - Punks from Redhill, Surrey, England, UK - new band
OBSCENE FEMALES - Punks from Barton-On-Humber, England, UK - new band

28th January 2013:

PEROXIDE / Blood And Thunder - Punksters from Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, UK
ATROX / Shock To The System - Punksters from Dorchester, Dorset, UK

THE INSURGENCE (Seattle, Washington) - New Band added

5th January 2013

DEVO - Artwork for French version of Working in A Colamine added

27th November 2012:

CARNAGE - Anarcho punks from Bexhill-on-Sea. New band!! More info on these would be appreciated.

27th November 2012:

CADAVEROUS CLAN - Punk types. New band!!
THE BURIAL - Ska/punk types. New band!!

26th November 2012:

ARCH CRIMINALS - Anarcho/post-punk types. New band!!
ASSASSINS OF HOPE - Anarcho punkers types. New band!!
ANOREXIA - Anarcho punks from Birmingham. New band!!
ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT - Punk types. New band!!
THE BLANKS from Market Deeping in Lincolnshire. New band!!
THE DRONES - the discography has now been expanded. Yippee!
JOHN DU CANN - the discography has now been expanded. Crap records galore!
BLEED- UK82 punks from West Yorkshire. New band!!

16th November 2012:

D.O.A. - Discography and band bio updated
DOCTORS OF MADNESS - Full discography expanded
THE DOLL - Discography and band bio updated

11th November 2012 - The following discographies have been expanded and updated with lots of pretty pictures

DISCHARGE - All those fucking compilations!

August 30th, 2012:

ANATHEMA - Band added
COCK SPARRER - Bio and discography updated
COCKNEY REJECTS - Bio and discography updated
COMBAT 84 - Bio and discography updated
CONFLICT - Bio and discography updated
THE CONTOLLERS - Bio and discography updated
HUGH CORNWELL - Bio and discography updated
THE CORTINAS - Bio and discography updated
ELVIS COSTELLO - Bio and discography updated
COURT MARTIAL - Bio and discography updated
THE ADICTS - Three new titles added (thanks to Alex of Spanish Bombs Blog for bringing these to my attention)

August 8th, 2012:

GOD's LONELY MEN - Finnish punks added
THE CLASH - discography updated, band bio embellished and corrected

July 7th, 2012:

CHAOS U.K. - Full discography now included
CHAOTIC DISCHORD - Full discography now included
THE LABEL - added to labels discographies

June 25th, 2012:

THE BUSINESS - Full discography now included

June 16th, 2012:


These entries look a bit different to entries from C onwards - bear with me while I tinker


THE DECEASED - New entry (more info on them and their demos would be appreciated)
SAD SOCIETY - Scottish punks added
BLACK EASTER - Hampshire punks added
THE OUT - Surname of band member now spelt correctly!

March 26th, 2012:

THE A-HEADS - Anarcho punks from Wiltshire added
A FEW TEARS - Obscure UK82 type band added (more info needed, though)
SUBHUMANS (UK) - image for split release added
WESSEX '81 - Bluurg compilation added
ABRASIVE WHEELS - Updated to include more comps
ANIMAL FARM - Article added (thanks Henk)
ANTHRAX - Some photos added (thanks Henk - can anyone help with more tape scans?)
ANTI-STATE CONTROL - Bishop Stortford obscuros newly added
ANTI-PASTI - some tweaking done to text
THE APF BRIGADE - Artwork added
AWAKE MANKIND - Portsmouth punkeroos

March 23rd, 2012:

THE SECLUDED - New entry (more info would be appreciated)
EPIDEMIC - New entry (more info would be appreciated)
ACT OF DEFIANCE - New entry (more info would be appreciated)

March 22nd, 2012

1ST OFFENCE - New entry
THE ABDUCTORS (Newcastle-upon-Tyne) - New entry
THE ABDUCTORS (Nottingham) - Updated with photo and bio
7TH PLAGUE - new entry (more info on them and their demos would be appreciated)
ABH - a few updates (anybody have any images/track-listing of their demos?

March 21st, 2012:

16 GUNS - New entry
SKIDS - Full discography added; band bio to follow (anyone feel like writing it??!)
THE CLASH - A dozen or so new additions and updates
CONTROLS - Obscure Brit punks
SUBWAY SECT - Vic Godard's art punks
GENERATION X - In progress; the basic discography is there anyway
ACID ATTACK - photos and bio added, along with info on their first demO

March 20th, 2012:

!ACTION PACT! - discography updated
4 SKINS - discography updated
Two new compilations added: Wave News - The New Generation Of Music and Wave News 2 - Independent Smash Hits

February 25th, 2012:

DOUBLE O - US hardcore legends (info on their three demos would be appreciated)
ZERO BOYS - US hardcore legends

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