Disorder - Distort Bristol

Disorder - Distort Bristol

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UK LP 2013 (Uncompromising Bastard - UB-001)

1 Destroy
2 Out Of Order
3 Daily Life
4 Today's World
5 Violent Crime
6 Complete Disorder
7 You Gotta Be Someone
8 Insane Youth
9 Riot Kids
10 Daily Life
11 You Gotta Be Someone
12 Out Of Order
13 Riot Kids
14 Violent Crime
15 Today's World
16 Life
17 Insane Youth
18 Destroy (Rehearsal Overdub Version)

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Steve Curtis - vocals
Steve Allen - guitar
Steve Robinson - bass
Neik " Virus" Worthington - drums

1-9: Recorded Decemebr 1980, Cave Studios, Bristol
10-18: Recorded Rehearsal 1981, Bristol

Tape Transfer by Richard Whittaker at FX Copyroom, London, England
Mastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door Studio, Texas, USA

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Reviews & Opinions

FROM UNCOMPROMISING BASTARD WEBSITE: DISORDER's Legendary 1980 Demo was along with DISCHARGE's early recordings a landmark in Hardcore Punk, featuring insane fuzzed out guitars and the most savage ghoul vocals since Johnny Rotten, the band later remixed four tracks to release as their "Complete Disorder" EP to the complete bewilderment of the music press. These vomiting green haired punks,totally destroyed any previous musical conventions, upped the game of HC punk bands everywhere, and in the process influenced hundreds of young bands worldwide. In particular the Japanese "Noisepunk" scene of Gai, Confuse & Seig Heil Coupled with previously unheard rehearsal recording from 1981 with the original line up (Steve Curtis, Steve Allen, Virus, Steve Robinson), and all remastered from best possible source tapes by Jack Control at Enormous Door studios, this is far superior quality to ANYTHING previously heard by you online internet types. Released in luxurious custom made gatefold sleeves designed with the aesthetics of the first two EP's in mind, and a full colour double sided insert featuring loads of unseen photos of the original line up and their associates, the LP is available as a standard pressing of 400 in black vinyl, and a highly limited "Vomiting Green Haired Punks" edition of 100 copies worldwide pressed on transparent green wax.

Additional Notes

Black or green vinyl.


Disorder - Distort Bristol - UK LP 2013 (Uncompromising Bastard - UB-001)Disorder - Distort Bristol - UK LP 2013 (Uncompromising Bastard - UB-001)

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