Protest - Vinyl Overload

Protest - Vinyl Overload Sleeve #1

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UK 7" 1983 (XCentric Noise - FOURTH 1)

1 Hypnotic State
2 Oppressed
3 Troubles

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Sacky - vocals
Mick - guitar
Si - bass
Phil - drums

Produced by Colin Richardson
Recorded at Wall Of Sound

Reviews & Opinions

PUSHEAD, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL, MARCH 1984: Skunking punk that chants, howls, and whines. In "Oppressed," a haunting bass line echoes in the foreground as a whipping guitar cry plucks distorted noise in an early GANG OF FOUR-meets-Oi fashion, a very sharp arrangement with chomping drum spatters. It's been a while since PROTEST have had a vinyl release, and with these singalongs and foot stompers, they come out sounding like a very mature SHAM 69 or COCKNEY REJECTS. An enjoyable dose of difference.

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Protest - Vinyl Overload - UK 7" 1983 (XCentric Noise - FOURTH 1)  Sleeve #1Protest - Vinyl Overload - UK 7" 1983 (XCentric Noise - FOURTH 1)  Sleeve #1 Back Cover

Sleeve #1

Protest - Vinyl Overload Sleeve #2

Sleeve #2


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