Formed: Newport, Wales, UK

The Abs, Newport, Wales, UK

CLASSIC LINEUP (1986-1992):

Baz Oldfield - lead vocals, guitar
Fatty Ashtray - bass
Bryn Jones aka B. Fununyun - guitar
Dingo rn Richie Glover - bass


The Legendary Johnny Figgs - original vocalist, but he left after a year or so
The Reverend rn John Oldfield - drums

The Abs were a melodic punk band who came to prominence with the superb Grease Your Ralph (1987), a Half Man Half Biscuit-esque tribute to the comb over, named after a footballer with the same embarrassing barnet. They were not quick to record: formed in 1980, it took them seven years to reach this benchmark. Although The Abs were a popular live band and received good reviews in the press, their music has not dated well, and their songs suffer from a serious setback: they all sound the same. And not a Ramones-style "same": at times it seems like they only have one song.

In addition to the recordings below, they made a demo tape via Rockaway Records and recorded Peel Sessions in July 1987 ('Grease Your Ralph', 'Hand Me Down', 'Fear Is The Key', 'Same Mistake Twice') and January 1988 (‘Rock Your Tits Off!’, ‘Concrete Hits Bone’, ‘Ideadtapoo!’, ‘Cunkers In My Cleft’).

The Abs, Newport, Wales, UK


Singles / Albums

The Abs - Grease Your Ralph The Abs - Turbosphint The Abs - Mentalenema The Abs - Nail It Down  
Grease Your Ralph
(7", 1987)
(10", 1989)
(LP/CD, 1989)
Nail It Down
(LP/CD, 1990)

Extraneous Releases

The Abs - A Wop Bop A Loo Bop... A Cough, Wheeze, Fart!        
A Wop Bop A Loo Bop... A Cough, Wheeze, Fart! (2xCD, 2008)        


Various Artists

Sniffin' Rock UK 7" 1989 (Sniffin' Rock): Wankin' In The Bog. Free with 'Sniffin' Rock' fanzine #8, no PS

Goar E.P. Germany 7" 1991 (Goar): Ringland Tuxedo. Free with 'Goar' magazine

The Punk Generation UK 4xCD 1995 (Castle Communications): Grease Your Ralph / Toes Stamped Flat



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