The Accident from Olympia

Formed: Olympia, Washington, USA

A terrific punk band, formed in '77 by drummer Mike Stein and bassist Trent Kelly, with Megan Chance on vocals and a guy called Bruce on guitar. Megan was replaced by Jennifer Warp after a few gigs, and prior to recording their sole single, Warp and Bruce had been replaced by Lisa Nameri and Doug Cram. During their short career they supported Avengers, Subhumans and D.O.A., amongst others. The original single (paid for by Stein's mum and the first release on Kurt Bloch's No Three's Records) was advertised with a poster boasting the very same image that graced the covers of the debut records by both Anti-Pasti and Angry Samoans (woman with meat cleaver in head).

The Accident from Olympia

ORIGINAL LINEUP (1977-1979):

Megan Chance - vocals
Bruce - guitar
Trent Kelly- bass
Mike Stein - drums, vocals

CLASSIC LINEUP (1979-1981):

Lisa Nameri - vocals
Doug Cram - guitar
Trent Kelly- bass
Mike Stein - drums, vocals



Singles / Albums

The Accident - Kill The Bee Gees        
Kill The Bee Gees
(7", 1979)

Extraneous Releases

The Accident - No Romance For You        
No Romance For You
(LP/CD, 1995)


Bandpage on Chuckie Boy website (where I grabbed the group photo from).

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