The Accursed! - Aggressive Punk

The Accursed - Aggressive Punk

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UK LP 1983 (Wreck ‘Em - ACC 1)

1 Accursed
2 Annihilism
3 Suck Me
4 That Side
5 Worship What
6 Let's Go
7 Kill Him
8 Nothing To Do

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Gary - vox
Steve - guitar
Gaz - bass
Glenn - drums

Engineered by Steve Hall
Produced by Steve Hall

Reviews & Opinions

PUNKY GIBBON: Atonal, repetitive guitar riffs, incomprehensible shouted vocals and a crashingly monotonous and unrhythmic drum attack is the bread and butter of this mini-album. Occasionally sounding like a slower version of Discharge, thanks to some metallic solos here and there, The Accursed's songs are very simple, but even these musical incompetents seem to be struggling. The vocalist is hopeless and clearly has no sense of timing. No does the drummer, who thuds away at his kit in the same way that Laurie Driver did in The Adverts. 'Suck Me' suggests a Suicide influence, but this is probably unintentional. There's only eight songs, but by the middle of Side Two this becomes a chore to sit through, partially due to the rubbish songs and playing, and partially due to the no-frills "production" (though there is some production on 'Kill Him') which makes the whole caboodle sound like a rough demo.

TIM YOHANNAN, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #6, MAY/JUNE 1983: A very atypical 8-song 12" with a garage feel. It sounds more like a cassette of a band's first practice than the standard polished U.K. product. Medium-tempo punk is the ACCURSED's stock-in-trade.

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The Accursed - Aggressive Punk - UK LP 1983 (Wreck ‘Em - ACC 1)The Accursed - Aggressive Punk - UK LP 1983 (Wreck ‘Em - ACC 1)

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