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Formed: Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England, UK

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Discharge - Decontrol: The Singles - UK 2xCD 2002 (Sanctuary - CMDDD463)3Discharge - Decontrol: The Singles - UK 2xCD 2002 (Sanctuary - CMDDD463)3

Stoke-On-Trent's contribution to the war against war and aural serenity.

When Terence "Tezz" Roberts (vocals), Royston "Rainy" Wainwright (guitar) and Anthony "Bones" Roberts (lead guitar), Nigel Bamford (bass) and Anthony "Akko" Axon (drums) formed Discharge in 1977, they were a typical bog-standard punk band, all safety pins and dog collars, singing crappy songs like 'I Love Dead Babies' and 'No Future USA', as evidenced on their much-bootlegged 1978 demo.

It was when fiery Kelvin Morris aka Cal joined the group in 1979 - replacing that they ditched the mid-speed '77 punk style in favour of the pneumatic drill attack that won them acclaim.

Discharge took the minimalist ethic of the Ramones to its absolute extremes on a handful of multi-song singles and two blistering albums, Why and Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing, ultimately paving the way for thrash metal. The most ferocious of pacifists, Discharge's attack consisted of monstrous high speed guitar riffs and demented proto-thrash solos, submachine gun drumming and Cal's hugely embittered shout, which makes the almost-banally blunt lyrics virtually indecipherable. Not given over to verses and middle-eights as such, you could fit the words to the group's minute-long songs onto the backs of matchboxes.

The fact that all their songs sounded identical was part and parcel of their power, that and their undiminished commitment to anti-war and vegetarian causes.

Discharge - Decontrol: The Singles - UK 2xCD 2002 (Sanctuary - CMDDD463)3Discharge Punk Lives InterviewDischarge Punk Lives Interview

ABOVE: Discharge in Punk Lives magazine from 1982. All these images are clickable.

Unfortunately, by the time of 1983's Warning EP the lineup had gone through serious changes - most importantly the departure of guitarist Bones - and Discharge began sliding towards more overtly metal arenas. The main issue was Bones' replacement, Pooch, who simply could not match Bones for sheer ferocity and played in a more heavy metal style, which Cal seemed only too keen to encourage, abandoning his testy growl for a yelp instead. Nonetheless, he was still master of the no-nonsense lyric.

Discharge - The Price Of Silence AdvertDischarge, Vice Squad and Black Flag at Montreal Dirst Hardcore Blitz

ABOVE: Advert for a single; and a flyer for a show in Salle Polonaise Frontenac, Montreal October 1983

1983 also saw another single, The Price Of Silence, creep out to strong sales, but it was their last decent effort. The More I See (1984) and Ignorance (1985) singles were also Top Ten Indie hits, but the band was in total disarray. In fact, Discharge on the latter release consisted solely of Cal and Rainey.

Their heavy metal direction bore rotten fruit on the atrocious Grave New World, a heavy metal record in every sense of the term. Reverting to his given name of Kelvin Morris, Cal's vocals go up two or three octaves and becoming an annoying Yank squeal, the songs become three or four times longer than usual (side two has a grand total of three tracks!), and the guitarist churns out those lead guitar bits that sound like a whinnying horse. Even the lyrics had changed. They weren't much longer, but now read like poxy pacifist poetry, all angsty and whiny.

They also looked this this:

Discharge 1986Discharge Grave New World Advert

The band split in 1987, following a disastrous US tour and after Morris had been briefly replaced by ex-Wrathchild front man Rob "Rocky Shades" Berkeley. Ex-Wrathchild!? Fuck me!

Then Cal reformed the band in 1990 with an entirely new lineup, issuing two shit LPs. Massacre Divine (1991) repeated the folly of Grave New World to equally heinous effect, with sludgy grunge/metal/thrash of the lowest order, and along with Shootin' Up The World (1993) were more than enough to alienate their few remaining fans. The band then went awol for several years, returning with a new LP, the self-titled Discharge (2002), which marked a return to the style that made the group so amazing first time around, with very few concessions to heavy metal and Cal's voice back to his early style. Short and to the point, it is, and their best record in years. Unfortunately Cal left someime after this and the band have continued with various lineups, initially with Rat from The Varukers on lead vocals.


Subsequent studio albums: Massacre Divine (1991), Shootin' Up The World (1993), Discharge (2002), Disensitise (2009), End Of Days (2016).

Singles / Albums

Discharge - Realities Of War Discharge - Fight Back Discharge - Decontrol Discharge - Why Discharge - Never Again
Realities Of War
(7", 1980)
Fight Back
(7", 1980)
(7", 1980)
(12", 1981)
Never Again
(7", 1981)
Discharge - Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing Discharge - State Violence State Control Discharge - Warning: Her Majesty's Government Can Seriously Damage Your Health Discharge - The Price Of Silence Discharge - Never Again
Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing
(LP, 1982)
State Violence State Control
(7", 1982)
Warning: Her Majesty's Government Can Seriously Damage Your Health
(12", 1983)
The Price Of Silence
(7", 1983)
Never Again
(LP, 1984)
Discharge - The More I See Discharge - Ignorance Discharge - Grave New World    
The More I See
(7"/12", 1984)
(7"/12", 1985)
Grave New World
(LP, 1986)

Extraneous Releases

Discharge - Live At The Lyceum; 24th May 1981 Discharge - The Price Of Silence Discharge - Punk And Destroy Discharge - 1980-1986 Discharge - Live At The City Garden New Jersey
Live At The Lyceum; 24th May 1981
(Tape, 1981)
The Price Of Silence
(LP, 1984)
Punk And Destroy
(LP, 1984)
(LP, 1987)
Live At The City Garden New Jersey
(LP/CD, 1989)
Discharge - Live The Nightmare Continues Discharge - Protest And Survive 1980-1984 Discharge - The Clay Punk Singles Collection Discharge - Vision Of War Discharge - Free Speech For The Dumb
Live The Nightmare Continues
(LP/CD, 1990)
Protest And Survive 1980-1984
(2xCD, 1992)
The Clay Punk Singles Collection (CD, 1995) Vision Of War
(2xCD, 1997)
Free Speech For The Dumb
(2xCD, 1999)
Discharge - Hardcore Hits Discharge - Decontrol: The Singles Discharge - Society's Victims Discharge - Apocalypse Now Discharge - Early Demo's March - June 1977
Hardcore Hits
(CD, 1999)
Decontrol: The Singles
(2xCD, 2002)
Society's Victims
(3xCD, box set, 2004)
Apocalypse Now
(2xCD, 2008)
Early Demo's March - June 1977
(CD, 2008)
Discharge - War Is Hell Discharge - Toronto '83 In The Cold Night Discharge - 1980-85 Discharge ‎– Noise Not Music
War Is Hell
(LP/CD, 2008)
Toronto '83 In The Cold Night
(LP, 2015)
(4xCD, box set, 2018)
Noise Not Music
(3xLP+7", 2019)


Discharge - Live Nottingham Union 12/3/83 Discharge - Philadelphia 15/10/82 Discharge - First Ever London Show 'Music Machine' 28/10/80 Discharge - Discharge Bootleg LP Discharge - Demo 1978
Live Nottingham Union 12/3/83
(7", 1987)
Philadelphia 15/10/82
(LP, 2002)
First Ever London Show 'Music Machine' 28/10/80 (LP, 2002) Discharge
(LP, 2003)
Discharge Demo 1978
(7", 2010)
Discharge - Demo 1978 Discharge - Live In Preston Discharge - Early Years 1977-78-79 Discharge - No Time For Romance - 1977 Demo Discharge - Tomorrow Belongs To Us
Live 1983
(LP, 2010)
Live In Preston
Early Years 1977-78-79
(CD, 2010)
No Time For Romance - 1977 Demo
Tomorrow Belongs To Us (CDR)
Discharge - The Final Blood Bath Discharge - Nightmare In Lepakko - 25/4/1983 Discharge - Massacre Of Philadelphia - 3/12/1982    
The Final Blood Bath
Nightmare In Lepakko - 25/4/1983
Massacre Of Philadelphia - 3/12/1982

Various Artists

Driven To Death UK LP 1990 (Clay): Decontrol / State Violence State Control / The Price Of Silence / Never Again / Ain't No Feeble Bastard

Apocalypse Punk Tour 1981 France CD 1992 (Link): Maimed And Slaughtered / Decontrol

Maggie, Maggie, Maggie; Out! Out! Out! UK LP 1987 (Anagram): Warning



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