The Accursed! - Up With The Punks

The Accursed - Up With The Punks

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UK LP 1983 (Wreck ‘Em - ACC 2)

1 Up With The Punks
2 I Can Find
3 Take Me Through The World
4 High Speed
5 Underground Music
6 Nuclear War
7 It's My Life
8 Listen To Me
9 Hammer'ead
10 Off Me Head

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All Music & Lyrics by Steve Hall

Steve - guitar & vocals
Gaz - bass & back vocals
Glen - drums & back vocals

Produced by The Accursed
Recorded at Woodwharf Studios
Engineered by Steve Hall

Reviews & Opinions

PUNKY GIBBON: This constitutes a Major Leap Forward. You can tell it's the same band because it retains the reckless abandon and garage sound of the debut, but the songs are shorter and faster, the playing is vastly superior, and there plenty of amusing time signatures. The songs aren't necessarily better, but because they're shorter and faster, they just sound better. The Discharge racket is still there, but the increased velocities suggest a wilder and less predictable version of The Varukers. Steve Hall, who I expect did not sing on the first LP, is a pretty good singer (he is more than capable of holding a note) and a superb guitarist, and he really sparks this into life. And any band that kicks off a songs with a countdown of "1,2,3,5" always gets my vote.

STEVE SPINALI, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #11, JANUARY/FEBRUARY 1984: This limited edition album features punk music with a deliciously trebly guitar mix, some offbeat song structures, and a lot of musical variety. The mid- to thrash-tempo material here also boasts an engaging garage quality rare in British releases these days, and though I would have preferred more stand-out tunes, the LP still contains much to merit. Give it a listen.

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The Accursed - Up With The Punks UK LP 1983 (Wreck ‘Em - ACC 2)The Accursed - Up With The Punks - UK LP 1983 (Wreck ‘Em - ACC 2)

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