Alternative TV / The Good Missionaries - An Ye As Well

Alternative TV / The Good Missionaries - An Ye As Well

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UK Tape 1981 (Conventional Tapes - CON 14)

A1 ATV – Still Life
A2 ATV – Love Lies Limp
A3 The Good Missionaries - Strange Place This...
A4 ATV – Going Around In Circles
A5 The Good Missionaries - The Good Missionary
B1 ATV – Action Time Vision
B2 ATV – Viva La Rock And Roll
B3 The Good Missionaries - Leavin' With Jane Suck On My Mind
B4 The Good Missionaries - Lost In Room
B5 ATV – Nasty Little Lonely
B6 ATV – Splittin' In 2

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You have with you a tape presenting material from 3 very different venues. All have stages, all have maybe had Mark Perry...lost every time.

A1,A2,A4,B1,B2,B10,B11 - Queen's College, Notting Hill Gate. Early '78
A3,B3 - Y.M.C.A. 5/8/79
A5,B4 - Empire Ballroom, Leicester Square, April or May '79

The idiots/GODS involved: Mark Perry, Dennis Burns, Dave George, Chris Bennett, Mick Linehan, Henry Badowski, Gillian Hanna, Anno, Sam Dobson, Amanda de Grey, Genesis P-Orridge and many others I imagine, are gone home.

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PUNKY GIBBON: The second split live tape (after Scars On Sunday). Who cares? well, some do, because Kill Your Pet Puppy has it for download here, along with a slew of information. The ATV material was recorded at Queens College, Notting Hill, London, in early 1978. The Good Missionaries tripe comes from two gigs in 1979 (May and August).

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Images from ATVMP Discograhy blogspot.


Alternative TV / The Good Missionaries - An Ye As Well - UK Tape 1981 (Conventional Tapes - CON 14)

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