Formed: Oakham, near Leicester, East Midlands, England, UK

This snippet of information comes from Chris Freer, on whose label the first single was released:

"(I Can't) Put My Finger On You was released in Spring 1980 and got airplay on Radio One's Roundtable and subsequent Kid Jensen shows. I can't remember how many we had pressed - maybe 500 - but I seem to recall it sold so well we had to have a re-press. It now changes hands for up to £100 between people who think The Amber Squad were a mod band. They weren't. The reason this misconception occurred is because Paul's artwork for the record label featured a scooter. The S+T guys were the mods. The Amber Squad were just four country lads who played pop songs in pubs. Illusion shattered!"

Thanks, Chris

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Singles / Albums

The Amber Squad - (I Can't) Put My Finger On You The Amber Squad - Can We Go Dancing?      
(I Can't) Put My Finger On You
(7", 1980)
Can We Go Dancing?
(7", 1981)

Extraneous Releases

The Amber Squad - Arewehavinganotheroneinhereorwhat!?!        
(CD, 2006)

Various Artists

Where The Hell Is...Leicester UK LP 1981 (The S+T Label): Six Of Me

Raw And Rare British Punk Volume 3 UK LP 1997 (Raw Sounds): Put My Finger On You / Tell You A Lie

This Is Mod Volume 1 - The Rarities 1979-81 UK CD 1995 (Anagram): Can We Go Dancing / You Should See What I Do To You In My Dreams

This Is Mod Volume 5 - Modulations 1979-1983 UK CD 1997 (Anagram): I Can't Put My Finger On You / Tell You A Lie

100% British Mod UK 2xCD 1998 (Captain Mod): Can We Go Dancing



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