Various - Raw And Rare British Punk Volume 3

Various - Raw And Rare British Punk Volume 3

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UK LP 1997 (Raw Sounds - R+R003)

A1 The Amber Squad - Put My Finger On You
A2 The Dregs - Fatal Attraction
A3 Noizeboys - Noizeboys
A4 Vice Creems - Danger Love
A5 Stowaways - I Wanna Be
A6 The Clues - Footsteps
A7 Schoolgirl Bitch - Abusing The Rules
A8 The Grids - You're No Better Than Me
B1 The Amber Squad - Tell You A Lie
B2 The Dregs - School Girls In Bondage
B3 Noizboys - Flashback
B4 Vice Creems - Like A Tiger
B5 The Stowaways - My Friends
B6 The Clues - Masked Emotions
B7 Schoolgirl Bitch - Think For Yourself
B8 The Grids - Hypocrite

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