Anthrax - One Last Drop

Anthrax - One Last Drop

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UK CD 2007 (Happy Release - -APPY 1)
UK LP 2010 (Happy Release - Happy 3)

1 All The Wars 1:49
2 Capitalism Is Cannibalism 1:46
3 Introduction To War 1:12
4 Exploitation 1:07
5 They've Got It All Wrong 1:56
6 P.P.B. 1:50
7 Vivisection 1:47
8 Violence Is Violence 1:29
9 Exploitation 1:06
10 They've Got It All Wrong 1:57
11 What Will Tomorrow Bring? 2:04
12 P.P.B. 1:49
13 Capitalism Is Cannibalism 2:11
14 Violence Is Violence 2:27
15 Prim To Pension - All Things Bright And Beautiful 3:36
16 It'll Be Alright On The Night 2:17
17 Capitalism Is Cannibalism (Live At Moonlight) 1:54
18 They've Got It All Wrong (Live 26-09-82) 2:04

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Tracks 1-8: taken from the 1st and 2nd demo.
Tracks 9-12: originally released on the Small Wonder Records 7" "They've Got It All Wrong".
Tracks 13-15: originally released on the Crass Records 7" "Capitalism Is Cannibalism".
Track 16: originally released on the Mortarhate Records compilation "Who? What? Why? When? Where?".
Tracks 19-20: previously unreleased live tacks

Reviews & Opinions

MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL: Finally - a collection of the finest of the early 80's anarcho bands. All the (rather incredible) artwork is reproduced, along with some lyrics. But, tragically, there's no liner notes. Regardless, it's great to have this material out again and available. Hailing from London, Anthrax, along with Conflict (and Crass, of course), pioneered that angry, tuneful, semi-shouty, London-accented vocal style, coupled with a fast, melodic punk attack. Musically this is very similar to early (pre-thrash/feedback Conflict). Really quite wonderful they were. And definitely the Anthrax of choice. 18 tracks of pure genius.

Additional Notes

Initial copies of the CD came with with a patch, a sticker, transfer and poster, and were limited & numbered.


Anthrax - One Last Drop - UK CD 2007 (Happy Release - HAPPY 1)Anthrax - One Last Drop - UK CD 2007 (Happy Release - HAPPY 1)

UK CD 2007 (Happy Release - -APPY 1). Click here for more

Anthrax - One Last Drop - UK LP 2010 (Happy Release - Happy 3)

UK LP 2010 (Happy Release - Happy 3)


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