Anti-Nowhere League - Live In Yugoslavia

Anti-Nowhere League - Live In Yugoslavia

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UK LP 1983 (ID Records - NOSE 3)
UK CD 2000 (The Harry May Record Company - CD 504)

1 Let's Break The Law
2 Streets Of London
3 Let The Country Feed You
4 We Will Survive
5 I Hate People
6 Snowman
7 For You
8 Going Down
9 Woman
10 Can't Stand Rock'n'Roll
11 So What
12 Wreck A Nowhere
13 Paint It Black
14 We Are The League

Chart Placings

UK Indie Hit : 13, 2 wks
UK Indie Hit (re-entry): 2, 15 wks
UK Chart Hit: 88, 1 wk


Animal - vocals
Magoo - guitar
Gilly - rhythm guitar
Winston - bass
P.J. - drums

Recorded at the Mosa Pijade Hall, Zagreb, 24.4.83.

Reviews & OpinionsPUNKY GIBBON:

PUNKY GIBBON: Stop-gap live LP released during a lull in the band's career, after the proposed second album Branded was binned. High-spot is a blistering version of 'Paint It Black', but there are also two songs unique (at the time) to this disc, which are equally great: 'Going Down' (not a reference to oral sex) and the storming pro-dole song 'Let The Country Feed You' (“Education isn't needed/Just sign your name and you've succeeded”). Funny chatter in between songs, excellent sound and increasingly slick musicianship make this a must. The LP was reissued with certain offending words (“sheep” for instance!) bleeped out. A 2009 twofer reissue (here) is the non-censored version.

KAREN SCHLOSBERG/IRA ROBBINS/JACK RABID, THE TROUSER PRESS RECORD GUIDE, 1991: The live album was indeed recorded in Tito-land (April 1983) and features a full airing of the band's repertoire, including "I Hate People," "Woman," "We Are the League," "Streets of London" and "Let's Break the Law." The Zagreb audience is surprisingly enthusiastic as the quartet puts on a no-holds-barred rock show, captured in trebly but adequately clear sound.

ALL MUSIC GUIDE: One of the U.K.'s most bizarre releases of the '80s was this platter -- a souvenir of biker-punks the Anti-Nowhere League's foray into Tito's Yugoslavia in April 1983. The mystery of how such a concert came to pass could occupy Agatha Christie for several weeks, but we should be amused, if not necessarily grateful, that it did. The Zagreb crowd, evidently starved of A-list attractions, sing along rowdily and seem happy to indulge the group's cartoon capers. Not that "The League," as they were later to call themselves, can't play. Indeed, their Glitter Band-meets-the-Sex Pistols bluster is quite affecting on "Wreck a Nowhere" and a version of "Paint It Black" that would leave Richards and Jagger blushing.

BEN FLEET, PUNK LIVES #8, 1983: A con? ... Not exactly, for the avid ANWL fan it will be a valuable addition to the collection. [click here for full review]

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Anti-Nowhere League - Live In Yugoslavia - UK LP 1983 (ID Records - NOSE 3) Anti-Nowhere League - Live In Yugoslavia - UK LP 1983 (ID Records - NOSE 3) Back Cover

UK LP 1983 (ID Records - NOSE 3). Click here for more


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