Antisocial - Made In England

Antisocial - Made In England

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UK 7” 1982 (Beat-The-System!! - SOCIAL 1)

A1 Backstreet Boys 1:50
A2 Your Choice 2:41
AA1 New Punks 3:15
AA2 Screw U 2:45

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Woz - Guitar
Daz - Bass
Spig - Drums
Sid - Vocals

Engineered by Leon Phillips
Produced by Barry Lights and Antisocial
Recorded and mixed at RIC RAC, Leeds
Thanx to - Barry Lights, The Fits, Lol and The Business, Shaun, Dave Kaz, Vi, Spen, Harry, All English Soldiers.
Special thanx to:-
Des, Mick, & Barry for Vocals
All Punks, Skins & Herberts

Reviews & Opinions

PUNKY GIBBON: Another low quality O!!/Chaos punk hybrid, albeit slightly better produced than the debut. "We are the new pornks - Uh! Uh! Uh!" 'Screw You' is about "street fiy nae" (translation: street-fighting) apparently.

MICK MERCER, PUNK LIVES #3, 1982: Antisocial cavort merrily with burnt out throats, dreary tunes (which you've always heard before you play it), getting faster and faster, and going on and on and on. And on. And on. Should be ignored.

GENE OCTOBER, MELODY MAKER, 1982: This record sounds like the Subs, although very drooley in the playing. You might think you had the wrong speed on the record deck. Their politics as outlined in the handout that goes with this record are about unemployment and the right to work. It's nice to see. Good that skinheads are actually getting down to the real problems instead of "dear old England".

TIM YOHANNAN, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #5, MARCH/APRIL 1983: ANTISOCIAL sound more like an American outfit on their second single. One side is stop-and-go thrash, less DISCHARGE-like than most English thrash. The other side is slow, but also excellent.

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Antisocial - Made In England - UK 7” 1982 (Beat-The-System!! - SOCIAL 1) Antisocial - Made In England - UK 7” 1982 (Beat-The-System!! - SOCIAL 1)

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