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Formed: London, England, UK

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The Barracudas - Summer Fun CompetitionThe Barracudas - Summer Fun Advert

Alongside all those "fuck the system" and/or gloomy post-punk miserablist bands popping up all over Britain in the tail end of the '70s, The Barracudas stood out like sore thumbs. With an ever-changing rhythm section revolving around founder members Jeremy Gluck (a Canadian) on vocals and guitarist Robin Wills (from Boston, ex-The Unwanted), they used punk as a jumping-off point for new wave/surf/pop songs about meeting girls, driving American cars and having "fun in the sun". They courted mainstream success (unsuccessfully!) via a deal with EMI before releasing a handful of more garagey-sounding releases in France.

Drop Out With The Barracudas (issued in the US a year later by garage specialists Voxx) is a nostalgic debut, fun for those who want such a thing, probably a bit trying for those who don't. Just about neurotic enough to be in tune with the period (check out 'We're Living In Violent Times' and a cover of 'Codeine'), much of the record recalls a jokey, punked-up revival of old Byrds, Beach Boys and Dick Dale records.

The BarracudasThe Barracudas - I Can't Pretend Advert

The Barracudas - The BandAfter the LP came out to poor sales, drummer Nicky Turner absconded to join Lords Of The New Church, and bassist Dave Buckley quit as well. EMI dumped them and so with a new new rhythm section they briefly became part of the Flicknife Records empire, releasing two excellent singles: 1982's Inside Mind and 1983's House Of Kicks 12", which dropped the new wave sound in favour of their first love: garage punk, but played heavier than it was in the '60s.

In 1983 they expanded to a quintet with the addition of Chris Wilson, formerly of Gluck's heroes the Flamin' Groovies, and they opted for a more authentic-sounding garage/psych/pop approach on a pair of studio albums recorded for the small French label, Closer. (They were considerably more popular in France than they were in the UK.) Mean Time was the strongest of the two, although Endeavour To Persevere was nothing to be ashamed off. Still, the latter proved to be their swansong.

Wills went on to form Fortunate Sons, recording two albums for the Bam Caruso label - Rising (1986) and Karrezza (1987) - before he and Gluck - who had spent a year or two in the unlamented Civilisation Machine - reformed The Baracudas in the late '80s. The band released one album and then broke up again, but Wait For Everything is well worth buying, with lovely melodies, deftly arranged harmonies and the same obvious debt to The Byrds. Although it lacks a certain zip, the guitars ring, jangle and/or slash with confidence in all the right places, new bassist Steve Robinson contributes and sings a pair of fine songs, and Wills is sensibly buried in the mix when he takes to the mic on 'Burke And Wills'.

They have reformed occasionally since. The group's second drummer, David Buckley, now earns a sizable crust composing scores for movies and computer games. Gluck continues to record under various guises in addition to playing in the Barracudas.



Subsequent studio albums: Wait For Everything (1991), Barracudas (2005), Nothing Ever Happens In The Suburbs, Baby! (2010)

Singles & Albums (12) / Extraneous Releases (16) / Bootlegs (1) / Various Artists

The Barracudas - I Want My Woody BackI Want My Woody Back (7", 1979)

The Barracudas - Summer FunSummer Fun (7", 1980)

The Barracudas - His Last SummerHis Last Summer (7", 1980)

The Barracudas - (I Wish It Could Be) 1965 Again(I Wish It Could Be) 1965 Again (7", 1980)

The Barracudas - Drop Out With The BarracudasDrop Out With The Barracudas (LP, 1981)

The Barracudas - I Can't PretendI Can't Pretend (7", 1981)

The Barracudas - Inside MindInside Mind (7", 1982)

The Barracudas - House Of KicksHouse Of Kicks (12", 1983)

The Barracudas - Mean TimeMean Time (LP, 1983)

The Barracudas - The Way We've ChangedThe Way We've Changed (7", 1983)

The Barracudas - Endeavour To PersevereEndeavour To Persevere (LP, 1984)

The Barracudas - Stolen HeartStolen Heart (7"/12", 1984)

Extraneous Releases

The Barracudas - The Barracudas Live 1983The Barracudas Live 1983 (LP, 1983)

The Barracudas - LiveLive E.P. (7", 1984)

The Barracudas - The Big GapThe Big Gap (LP, 1984)

The Barracudas - The World's A BurnThe World's A Burn (12" Mini-LP, 1985)

The Barracudas - (I Wish It Could Be) 1965 Again(I Wish It Could Be) 1965 Again (LP, 1985)

The Barracudas - Very Last DayVery Last Day / There's A World Out There (7", flexi, 1986)

The Barracudas - Live In MadridLive In Madrid (LP, 1986)

The Barracudas - Barracudas ‎– Hear Me CallingHear Me Calling (7", 1989)

The Barracudas - The Garbage Dump Tapes! House Of Kicks Sessions-1982The Garbage Dump Tapes! House Of Kicks Sessions-1982 (LP/CD, 1989)

The Barracudas - Surf And DestroySurf And Destroy (CD, 1990)

The Barracudas - Next Time AroundNext Time Around (7", 1990)

The Barracudas - The Barracudas - Grammar Of Misery Grammar Of Misery (12", 1990)

The Barracudas - The Complete EMI RecordingsThe Complete EMI Recordings (CD, 1993)

The Barracudas - Two Sides Of A Coin 1979-84 Two Sides Of A Coin 1979-84 (CD, 1993)

The Barracudas - Drop Acid With The BarracudasDrop Acid With The Barracudas (10", 1994)

The Barracudas - Through The Mysts Of Time - Rarities 1978-81Through The Mysts Of Time - Rarities 1978-81 (LP/CD, 1998)

The Barracudas - This Ain't My Time - Anthology '79-'90This Ain't My Time - Anthology '79-'90 (2xCD, 2001)


The Barracudas - Los Angeles And Vicinity Vol. 1Los Angeles And Vicinity Vol. 1 (LP, 1984)

Various Artists

A Splash Of Colour UK LP 1981 (WEA): Watching The World Go By

Trash On Delivery US LP 1983 (Flicknife): You Gonna Miss Me

Greetings From The Sunny Beach - Best Of Closer France LP 1984 (Closer): Stolen Heart

Hang 11 (Mutant Surf Punks) UK LP 1985 (Anagram): I Want My Woody Back

Time Will Show The Wiser - The Bucketfull Of Brains Collection UK LP/CD 1989 (Triad): Very Last Day (Flexi Disc Version)

Another Splash Of Colour: New Psychedelia In Britain 1980-1985 UK 3xCD 2016 (RPM): Inside Mind

Harmony In My Head: UK Power Pop & New Wave 1977-81 UK 3xCD Box Set 2018 (Cherry Red): (I Wish It Could Be) 1965 Again



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