Hugh Cornwell

Born: Tufnell Park, North London, 28 August 1949

Whilst recording their fourth studio album The Raven, Hugh Cornwell teamed up with Beefheart drummer Robert Williams on this alleged concept album for“a film that can never be made”. It received bad reviews and sank. A live version of 'Wired' was also issued as part of The Stranglers' Don't Bring Harry EP in 1980)

Hugh Cornwell - Nosferatu - Japanese LP

Cornwell put his solo career on hold until the mid-80s, but you can safely live without any of his albums because they are shit.

Here are some Cornwell facts, as a quick guide to the cut of the man's jib:

In the mid-60s he played in a band with Richard Thompson (Fairport Convention).

As a post-graduate biochemist, in Sweden in 1969 he formed the band Johnny Sox.

During his student days in Bristol he played guitar in Keith Floyd's restaurant

He played in a band called The Stranglers between 1974 and 1990, Have you heard of them?

He "discovered" The Cortinas, managed Jonny Rubbish and produced the first demo by The Pop Group

In 1980 he was nicked for drugs and sentenced to eight weeks at Pentonville prison. He wrote a book about it: Inside Information (1980)

The same year, he was convicted of helping cause a riot at a The Stranglers show in Nice. Spent a week behind bars

He has recorded lots of boring solo records.

He's done some acting jobs

He wrote a decent autobiography, A Multitude of Sins (2004) and a novel (Window On The World, 2011)



Subsequent studio albums: Wolf (1988), Wired (1993), Guilty (1997), Hi Fi (2000), Footprints In The Desert (2002), Beyond Elysian Fields (2004), Hooverdam (2008), Totem And Taboo (MP3 album with Steve Albini, 2013), This Time It's Personal (with John Cooper Clarke, 2016, Monster (2018)

Singles / Albums

Hugh Cornwell and Robert Williams - White Room Nosferatu      
White Room
(7", 1979)
(LP, 1979)


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