Crucifix, Berkeley, California, USA

Crucifix - San Francisco PunkCrucifix - San Francisco Punk Band

Formed: Berkeley, California, USA

"We believe peace can be a reality; that if every individual will work for it, it can be achieved. As anarchists, we try to practice what we preach and live out the way we believe is the right way. With anarchy, there's so many points and different things about it that you can get all bundled up, but it's personal to everybody. Generally, we all have the same ideas." - Sothira, SP Magazine, 1983

San Francisco's answer to Discharge, Crucifix had a Cambodian singer, Sothira, lending his anguish a genuineness unmatched by most of their peers; after all, he really had lived through the things Cal and Wattie were "singing" about, having fled the Khmer Rouge. It was fitting that, after a couple of locally-released 7" EPs, and appearances on Not So Quiet On The Western Front and Rat Music For Rat People they ended up on the British anarcho label that also released the first LPs by Conflict and Antisect. Housed in a fold-out black-and-white poster sleeve, it's plain that Crass were also a major influence. The music itself is nothing original: just very, very fast hardcore with screamed vocals that leave the lyrics unintelligible, although as with their British counterparts the titles tell all: 'Annihilation', 'Skinned Alive', 'No Limbs', 'Death Toll', 'Blind Destruction'...I think you get the idea. It's considered a classic by fans of the D-Beat genre.

Guitarist Jimmy and Sothira went on to form Proudflesh, who released an EP (Powerbroker) in 1988 and a self-titled live album.

Exhibit A is a compilation that includes the first two EPs and some live stuff.



Sothira Pheng - vocals (ex-Subsidize Mess, pre-Proudflesh)
Matt Borruso - guitar (ex-Subsidize Mess, pre-Loudspeaker)
Bryce Knights - bass
Christopher Douglas - drums (ex-Subsidize Mess)

This lineup recorded the Crucifix 12"


Sothira Pheng - vocals
Jimmy Crucifix - guitar (pre-Proudflesh)
Matt Borruso - bass (pre-Loudspeaker)
Christopher Douglas - drums

This lineup recorded the Nineteen Eighty-Four 7" EP.


Sothira Pheng - vocals
Jake Smith - guitar
Matt Borruso - bass
Christopher Douglas - drums

This lineup recorded the Dehumanization LP.


Sothira Pheng - vocals
Drew Bernstein - guitar (ex-America's Hardcore, pre-Lip Service Clothing)
Matt Borruso - bass
Christopher Douglas - drums



Singles & Albums

Crucifix - Crucifix 12" Crucifix (12", 1981)

Crucifix - Nineteen Eighty-Four Nineteen Eighty-Four (7", 1982)

Crucifix - DehumanizationDehumanization (LP, 1983)

Extraneous Releases

Crucifix / Patareni - SplitPatareni / Crucifix (7", split, 1992)

Crucifix - Exhibit A.Exhibit A. (LP, 1997)


Crucifix . Zyklome A - Live At Brighton Academy / Made In Belgium Live At Brighton Academy / Made In Belgium (LP, slit, 1994)

Crucifix - The Rise And Fall/1981/82/88The Rise And Fall/1981/82/88 (CD, 1996)

Crucifix - The Rise And Fall/1981/82/88Nineteen Eighty-Four (LP, 2018)

Various Artists

Not So Quiet On The Western Front US 2xLP 1982 (Alternative Tentacles): Annihilation

Rat Music For Rat People US LP 1982 (Go!): Steel Case Enclosure

Rat Music For Rat People Vol. I, II & III US CD 1987 (CD Presents): Steel Case Enclosure

1984 And All That... UK Tape 1980s (no label): Indo-China

All For One...One For All US CD 1995 (Grand Theft Audio): See Through Their Lies




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