Cuddly Toys

Formed: London, 1978, after they stopped being Raped

Horrible Bowie-obsessed glam band who began life as the infinitely better Raped. Their debut single Madman was notable for being an unreleased Bowie/Bolan composition, but that was about it.

Cuddy Toys 1979

Cuddly Toys 1982 lineup


Sean Purcell - vocals
Faebhean Kwest - guitar
Tony Baggett - bass
Paddy Phield - drums
Billy Surgeoner - keyboards


Sean Purcell - vocals
Tony Baggett - bass
Terry Noakes - guitar
Robert Barker - drums


Sean Purcell - vocals
Terry Noakes - guitar
S. Paul Wilson - bass
David Kovacevic - keyboards
Robert Barker - drums

Cuddly Toys - It's A Shame - Spain 7"Cuddly Toys - Madman - Japanese 7"

Spanish and Japanese 7" Picture sleeves for It's A Shame and Madman


Singles / Albums

Cuddly Toys - Madman Cuddly Toys - Astral Joe Cuddly Toys - Guillotine Theatre Cuddly Toys - Someone's Crying Cuddly Toys - It's A Shame
(7", 1980)
Astral Joe
(7", 1980)
Guillotine Theatre
(LP, 1981)
Someone's Crying
(7"/12", 1981)
It's A Shame
(7", 1981)
Cuddly Toys - Trials And Crosses        
Trials And Crosses
(LP, 1982)

Extraneous Releases

The Best Of Cuddly Toys        
The Best Of Cuddly Toys
(CD, 2001)

Various Artists

A Fresh Selection UK LP 1981 (Fresh): Someone's Crying / Madman

Fresh Records - The Punk Singles Collection UK CD 1994 (Anagram): Madman / Astral Joe / Someone's Crying / Its A Shame



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