D & V

Formed: Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England, UK

Anarcho punk duo which began life as The Epsilons. No guitars or bass, just drums and vocals. They formed in 1980, played with the usual anarcho punk types and appeared at the Zig Zag squat gig in December 1982. Their debut single was a indie hit in October 1983, although probably chiefly because it was on Crass, but their subsequent releases did not set the world on fire.



Singles & Albums

D&V - The Nearest DoorThe Nearest Door (7", 1983)

D&V - Inspiration Gave Them The Motivation To Move On Out Of Their Isolation Inspiration Gave Them The Motivation To Move On Out Of Their Isolation (LP, 1985)

D&V - SnareSnare (12", 1986)


The New BeginningThe New Beginning (Tape, 1982)

D&V / Faction - Live Paris: OverseizuresLive Paris: Overseizures (Tape, split with Faction, 1984)

Various Artists

No No No Don't Drop Yer Bombs On Us They 'urt UK Tape 1983 (96 Tapes): not known

Rising Free UK Tape 1983 (V.I.S.A.): Mirror, Mirror / S21PN / Dignity / Jekill & Hide / Step Inside / You May Think You Are Me / Sing Sweet Songs / New Beginning

Devastate To Liberate UK LP 1985 (Yangki): Today's Conclusion / Wake Up

1984 And All That... UK Tape 1980s (no label): Step Inside

Greatest Hits Volume One UK LP/CD 1988 (One Little Indian): Conscious (Pilot)

A-Sides (Part Two. 1982-1984) UK CD 1992 (Crass): Jekyll And Hyde / Wake Up / High Above

Anti-Capitalism: Anarcho-Punk Compilation Vol. 4 UK CD 2007 (Overground): Wake Up



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