Various - Rising Free

Rising Free

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France Tape 1983 (V.I.S.A. - AF 009)

A1 D & V - Mirror, Mirror
A2 D & V - S21PN
A3 D & V - Dignity
A4 D & V - Jekill & Hide
A5 D & V - Step Inside
A6 D & V - You May Think You Are Me
A7 D & V - Sing Sweet Songs
A8 D & V - New Beginning
A9 Faction - Obligatory War Song
A10 Faction - Drowning Rats
A11 Faction - All That Glitters
A12 Faction - Blinded By The Dark
A13 Faction - Turn Away
B1 Bérurier Noir - La Mort Au Choix
B2 Bérurier Noir - Chromosome Y
B3 Bérurier Noir - Elsa Je T'Aime
B4 Bérurier Noir - La Nuit Noire
B5 Subhumans - Drugs Of Youth
B6 Subhumans - Big Brother
B7 Subhumans - Wasted Breath
B8 Subhumans - Rain
B9 Subhumans - Zyklon 'B' Movie
B10 Subhumans - Mickey Mouse Is Dead

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