The Doll - THE DOLLThe Doll - 1978 Lineup

Formed: London, England, UK

Very poppy band with an extremely dominant keyboard sound, akin to The Stranglers' but not so flashy,

The Doll was nonetheless responsible for two great fast punk tracks on their first single. B-Side 'Trash' had previously appeared on the Streets compilation. Single #2 Desire Me was much slicker, enough so to propel them into the Top 30 and earn them a two-month chart residence and a Top Of The Pops appearance. Or maybe it was the sleeve (lead singer Marion 'Baby Doll' Valentine in a leopard skin suit), or the multiple format releases. Regardless, the amount of attention paid to the sexpot singer splintered the group, and the new band that emerged in its wake was even poppier and smoother sounding.

Cinderella With A Husky Voice, a tale of transvestism, might have been vaguely risque and was certainly catchy, but it didn't chart, and neither did the follow up singles.

Listen To The Silence, their sole album, is pretty dull, closer to Gary Numan than the frantic pop/punk of their earlier singles.


Lineup 1 (1976-1977):

Black Lou - vocals
Marion 'Baby Doll' Valentine rn Marion Suava - guitar
Christopher 'Whizz Kidd' Yianni - bass
Max Splodge - drums

This lineup lasted "about a year" (according to Max Splodge) and never recorded anything.

Lineup 2 (1977):

Marion 'Baby Doll' Valentine - guitar & vocals
Adonis - keyboards
Christopher 'Whizz Kidd' Yianni - bass
Max Splodge - drums

This lineup recorded a demo in 1977, after which Splodge left to join a band called The Mistakes.

Lineup 3 (1977-1979):

Marion 'Baby Doll' Valentine - guitar & vocals
Adonis - keyboards
Christopher 'Whizz Kidd' Yianni - bass
Mario Watts - drums

The lineup responsible for Don't Tango On My Heart (7", 1978), and Desire Me although Splodge was coaxed back into the fold briefly in '78.

Lineup 4 (1979-1980):

Marion Valentine - vocals, rhythm guitar
James West-Oram - rhythm & lead guitar
Denis Haines - keyboards, backing vocals
Christopher Yianni - bass
Paul Turner - drums

West-Oram later joined The Fixx, while Yianni joined The Shoppers.

The Doll - Marion 'Baby Doll' Valentine The Doll - Publicity Photo of Marion Baby Doll Valentine



Singles & Albums

The Doll - Don't Tango On My HeartDon't Tango On My Heart (7", 1978)

The Doll - Desire MeDesire Me (7"/2x7"/12", 1979)

The Doll - Cinderella With A Husky VoiceCinderella With A Husky Voice (7", 1979)

The Doll - You Used To Be My HeroYou Used To Be My Hero (7", 1979)

The Doll - Listen To The SilenceListen To The Silence (LP, 1979)

The Doll - Burning Up Like A FireBurning Up Like A Fire (7", 1980)


Various Artists

Streets UK LP 1977 (Beggars Banquet): Trash

Nu Muzik Canada LP 1980 (Nu Muzik): Desire Me

The Indie Scene 78 UK CD 1991 (Connoisseur Collection): Desire Me

Beggars Banquet - The Punk Singles Collection UK CD 1996 (Anagram): Don't Tango On My Heart / Trash / Desire Me / Cinderella With A Husky Voice / You Used To Be My Hero

Charts Pur Pop & Wave Germany 2xCD 2009 (ZYX Music): Desire Me

My Girlfriend Was A Punk! Rare Early Female Punkrockers France LP ???? (no label): Trash




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