Various - Streets

Various - Streets

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UK LP 1977 (Beggars Banquet - BEGA 1)

A1 The Doll - Trash
A2 The Members - Fear On The Streets
A3 The Lurkers - Be My Prisoner
A4 Arthur Comics [aka The Snivelling Shits] - Isgodaman!
A5 The Art Attacks - Arabs In 'Arrads
A6 The Dogs - 19
A7 The Reaction - Talk Talk Talk Talk
A8 Cane - College Girls
AA1 Slaughter And The Dogs - Cranked Up Really High
AA2 The Nosebleeds - Aint Been To No Music School
AA3 The Drones - Lookalikes
AA4 The Zeros - Hungry
AA5 Pork Dukes - Bend And Flush
AA6 The Exile - Disastermovie
AA7 Drive - Jerkin
AA8 John Cooper Clarke - Innocents
AA9 Tractor - No More Rock N' Roll

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A1, A3: Produced by Ed Hollis, Steve Lillywhite. Beggars Banquet Records London 1977
A2, A4, A7: Produced by Ed Hollis, Steve Lillywhite. X.S. Records Nowhere 1977
A5: Produced by Robin Phippard. Albatross Records London 1977
A6: Produced by Herrmani, Melodie Massacre France 1977
A8: Produced by Alan Davison. Lightning Records London 1977
AA1, AA8: Produced by Martin Zero. Rabid Records Manchester 1977
AA2: Produced by Vini Fall. Rabid Records Manchester 1977
AA3: Produced by Morley/Bentley. O.H.M.S. Records Manchester 1977
AA4: Produced by The Zeros. Small Wonder Records London 1977
AA5: Produced by Willie Dunnit. Wood Records London 1977
AA6: Produced by The Exile. Boring Records Glasgow 1977
AA7: Produced by Brown. N.R.G. Records Dundee 1977
AA9: Produced by J. Brierley. Cargo Records Rochdale 1977

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Various - Streets - UK LP 1977 (Beggars Banquet - BEGA 1)Various - Streets - UK LP 1977 (Beggars Banquet - BEGA 1)

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