The Edge - THE EDGE


Formed: London, England, UK

The Edge Punk London

Rough edged aggressive new wave lodged somewhere between The Stranglers and London. Pretty good band. They also operated as the backing group for Jane Aire And The Belvederes. Lu Edmonds (guitars, vocals) was ex-The Damned, and later a member of The Spizzles, Public Image Ltd, Mekons, Shriekback and Billy Bragg & The Blokes. Glyn Havard (bass, vocals) was later in Jade Warrior, while Gavin Povey (keyboards, vocals) was ex-Lew Lewis Reformer. Their most famous member was drummer Jon Moss.

The Edge Band

ABOVE: Dutch 7"


Lu Edmonds - guitars, vocals
Glyn Havard - bass, vocals (pre-Yachts)
Jon Moss - drums, vocals
Gavin Povey - keyboards, vocals


Singles / Albums

The Edge - Macho Man The Edge - Downhill The Edge - Watching You The Edge - Square 1  
Macho Man (7", 1978) Downhill (7", 1979) Watching You
(7", 1980)
Square 1 (LP, 1980)  

Extraneous Releases

The Edge - Edge Theme The Edge - The Complete Works Of The Edge      
Edge Theme
(7", flexi, 1979)
The Complete Works Of The Edge (LP, 1987)      





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