Electric Deads - Mind Bomb EP

Electric Deads - Mind Bomb EP

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Denmark 7" 1983 (Electro Static - 3 DEADS)

1 Crossroad 1:35
2 Screwball 1:32
3 Mind Bomb 1:20
4 La La La 1:29
5 Fish In A Pool 1:19

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Electric Deads are:
Bibi - vocals
Michael - drums
Nils - bass
Kevin - guitar, vocals and vocoder

Recorded 24/4-83 at ARP-Studio, Aarhus
Produced & mixed by Johnny Concrete & E.D.
Technicians: Freddy & Charlie

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None yet

Reviews & Opinions

PUNKY GIBBON: More speedy thrash, but bit more tuneful than before, and better played/produced as well. The title track resembles X, with dual male/female (not harmony) vocals. 'La La La' is insanely catchy, and recalls nothing so much as The Sick Things. 'Fish In A Pool' is the same re-recorded version from Welcome To 1984.

JEFF BALE, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #12, MARCH 1983: Another hot EP from Denmark's ELECTRIC DEADS. Their earlier speedballs have given way to even faster blasts, but without sacrificing their most unique characteristics--a screaming fuzzed-out guitar, and highly-distinctive female vocal styling. I'm so impressed that the redone version of 'Fish in a Pool' will appear on MRR's forthcoming "1984" compilation.

Additional Notes

Reissued in 2010 by Belgian label Noise and Distortion (NOISE 016).


Electric Deads - Mind Bomb EP - Denmark 7" 1983 (Electro Static - 3 DEADS) Electric Deads - Mind Bomb EP - Denmark 7" 1983 (Electro Static - 3 DEADS)

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