Formed: London, England, UK

Like The Slits, an all-girl band who made a virtue out of youth and amateurism. Unlike The Slits, these were not innovators and instead played standard-issue identipunk at high speed. Were they any good at at it? I'll tell you: they were brilliant. Super-snotty high speed rants were the order of the day, with the most shrieking high-pitched vocals prior to Deno in Dirt, and utterly inane lyrics about bondage, S&M, necrophilia and street violence. They were as punk as punk got, but sadly split before their debut EP was to be released (by Raw) in late 1977, and so that never happened. They had to be content with two spots on the Raw Deal! comp. Raw boss Lee Wood waited until 1983 before releasing the EP, on Chaos Records, the label through which he was releasing semi-legal Pistols recordings.


Extraneous Releases

The Legendary Sick Things E.P. The Sick Things - The Sick Things      
The Legendary Sick Things E.P. (7", 1983) The Sick Things
(7", 2000)

Various Artists

Raw Deal! UK LP 1977 (Raw): Bondage Boy / Kids On The Street / [and on CD: Anti-Social Disease / Sleeping With The Dead]

Punk Collectors Series Vol 1 UK CD 1991 (Damaged Goods): Bondage Boy / Anti-Social Disease / Sleeping With The Dead / Street Kids

Raw Records Punk Collection UK CD 1993 (Anagram): Bondage Boy / Kids On The Street








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