Icon A.D. Icon A.D.


Formed: Leeds, North Yorkshire, England, UK

Anarcho punks who began life as Icon, and as such contributed 'Cancer' to the Bullshit Detector compilation in 1981. The band split soon after, but guitarist Craig Sharp carried on with a new lineup as Icon A.D., releasing two fairly melodic singles for the Norwich-based Radical Change label. A third single, to be called Backs To The Wall, was not released until 2006, when it was included in the band's retrospective CD ...Lest We Forget.

Here is a brief band bio from drummer Mark Holmes, taken from the Enigma/Short Sharp Shock fanzine (1981):

"Icon have been together since late 1977. We've been through many changes, and since Bullshit Detector Rog Turnbull has replaced Phil Smith on bass. We write all our own material and at the moment have a set of around 12 songs which lasts about 35 minutes. The song 'Cancer' was written by Phil, our old bass player, and questions whether government has fucked itself up so much that it is now ready to destroy itself. But it seems that if this government is ready to fall, then it's determined to make sure that we're destroyed also i.e. nuclear threat, increased defence expenditure etc. It's this threat of war constantly held over us which Icon feels most strongly about. Government doesn't work so they have to protect their desperate position by leaving us in fear. This fear is achieved through the police and the army who try to make us too helpless and sacred to oppose this control asserted over us. This system sickens us and we try to portray these feelings in our own self-righteousness. We've got a few songs that are just for a laugh and to enjoy. There isn't enough fun in this world and it makes you wonder just what people actually live for".


Lineup #1 (circa 1979-late 1980 or early 1981) - as Icon

Craig Sharp-Weir - guitar
Mark Holmes - drums
Phil Smith - bass
Dicky Walton - vocals

This lineup recorded the first demo in 1980.

Lineup #2 (1982)

Craig Sharp-Weir - guitar
Mark Holmes - drums
Caroline Holmes - vocals
Caroline's sister Bev - vocals
Mick - bass

This lineup recorded Don't Feed Us Shit (1982).

Lineup #3 (1982-1983)

Craig Sharp-Weir - guitar
Mark Holmes - drums
Roger Turnbull (ex-F3) - bass
Caroline Holmes - vocals
Caroline's sister - vocals

This lineup recorded Let The Vultures Fly...... E.P. (1983), a John Peel session and a third, unreleased EP.



Singles & Albums / Extraneous Releases / Various Artists

Icon A.D. - Don't Feed Us ShitDon't Feed Us Shit (7", 1982)

Icon A.D. - Let The Vultures Fly...... E.P.Let The Vultures Fly...... E.P. (7", 1983)

Extraneous Releases

Icon A.D. - ...Lest We Forget...Lest We Forget (CD, 2006)

Various Artists

Bullshit Detector UK LP 1981 (Crass): Cancer [as Icon]

Anti-Society: Anarcho Punk Compilation Vol. 3 UK CD 2006 (Overground): Seeing Is Believing

D.I.Y. Do It Yourself - The Rise In The Independent Music Industry After Punk UK 2xLP/CD 2007 (Soul Jazz): Fight For Peace

Burning Britain - A Story Of Independent UK Punk 1980-1983 UK 4xCD 2018 (Cherry Red): Face The Facts



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