Various - Bullshit Detector

Various - Bullshit Detector

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UK LP 1981 (Crass - 421984/4)

A1 Andy T - Jazz On A Summers Day
A2 Counter Attack - Don't Wanna Fight For You
A3 Alternative - Change It
A4 Clockwork Criminals - We Are You
A5 Reputations In Jeopardy - Girls Love Popstars
A6 Crass - Do They Owe Us A Living
A7 Amebix - University Challenged
A8 Sceptics - Local Chaos
A9 The Sinyx - Mark Of The Beast
A10 Frenzy Battalion - Thalidomide
A11 Icon [Icon A.D.] - Cancer
A12 The Speakers - Why
A13 A.P.F. Brigade - Anarchist Attack
B1 Fuck The C.I.A. - Right Or Wrong
B2 Caine Mutiny And The Kallisti Apples Of Nonsense - Morning Star
B3 The Sucks - '3'
B4 Porno Squad - Khaki Doesn't Go With My Eyes
B5 S.P.G. Murders - Soldiers
B6 Eratics - National Service
B7 Red Alert - Who Needs Society
B8 The Snipers - War Song
B9 Armchair Power - Power
B10 Disrupters - Napalm
B11 Andy T - Nagasaki Mon Amour
B12 Action Frogs - Drumming Up Hope

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UK Indie Hit: 3, 18 wks


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Various - Bullshit Detector - UK LP 1981 (Crass - 421984/4) Various - Bullshit Detector - UK LP 1981 (Crass - 421984/4)

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