Formed: Brighton, East Sussex, England, UK

"I am not into safety pins because I think it is just a fad. I am interested in high-energy, total aggression music, and the new wave has brought that back. It's a return to the spirit of rock 'n roll - the idea that you can get up without a lot of musical training and knock hell out of a guitar". - Joe Cool.

Another go-nowhere band from 1977, Joe Cool and the Killers was a modestly talented pub/punk band which bizarrely ended up on Ariola, the squarest of the square labels. Well, I suppose once the decent bands had proper record deals the only ones left for out-of-touch majors were the dregs. The band was managed by Courtney/Meehan, being old-school rock biz type David Courtney and Tony Meehan, formerly of the Shadows no less, which probably explains how they signed to Ariola.

Anyway, a decent single at the tail end 1977 was followed with an LP at the start of 1978, released under the shortened name The Killers. No commercial success and/or scathing reviews met both releases. NME called the LP "shabby and derivative".

Obscurity welcomed them with open arms, and bassist Tony Mayberry went on to join The Depressions just as they switched to new wave. Obscurity welcomed them, too!



John Clay aka Joe Cool - vocals, guitar
Suchard Thittichai - guitar
Tony Mayberry - bass
Stuart Green - drums



Singles & Albums

Joe Cool And The Killers - I Just Don't CareI Just Don't Care (7", 1977)

The Killers - KillerKiller (LP, as The Killers, 1978)


Joe Cool And The Killers - Joe Cool And The KillersJoe Cool And The Killers (CDR)

Various Artists

Raw And Rare British Punk Volume 2 UK LP 1997 (Raw Sounds): I Just Don't Care / My Ways [sic]

Teenage Treats Vol. 1 UK LP 1998 (Xerox): Killer

Neighbour Annoyer - Original Punk Rock From The Vaults 77-82 ?? LP ???? (no label): My Way



Punk 77

Punk Brighton



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