URINALS100 Flowers

Formed: Los Angeles, California, USA

Urinals Los Angeles Punk

Kjehl Johansen - guitar, vocals 1977-1982, 1996-1998
John Talley-Jones - bass, vocals
Kevin Barrett - drums, vocals

Noisy artpunk trio which began life in 1978 as a punk parody quintet with Delia Frankel (vocals), Steve Willard (guitar), Kevin Barrett (toy drums), Kjehl Johansen (toy organ) and John Jones (later Talley-Jones, bass). Played only one show with the lineup, where they did four songs, two of which - 'This Is The Modern World' and the Jetsons theme - were covers. As a trimmed down trio they performed at all the usual dives - the Masque in L.A., Raul’s in Austin, Texas - and recorded three amazing EPs, all of which were released on their own Happy Squid label, and all of which were produced by Virus Matare from The Last.

In 1980 they became 100 Flowers, taken from the Maoist Cultural Revolution quotation, "Let 100 flowers bloom and 100 schools of thought contend". One 7" single was released in 1982, but the band broke up after recording 100 Flowers, which was released posthumously, with another EP following a year after that.

Barrett subsequently joined God And The State and, later, Radwaste. Johansen and Matare formed the prolific Trotsky Icepick and now runs a record label, Avebury Records.

The band reformed (as The Urinals) in 1996 and have been playing on-and-off ever since, albeit without Johansen, who left the fold in 1998.

LINEUP 1 (1977, as The Urinals):

Delia Frankel - vocals
Steve Willard - guitar
Kevin Barrett - toy drums
Kjehl Johansen - toy organ
John Jones (later Talley-Jones) - bass

LINEUP 2 (1978-1980 as The Urinals, 1980-1982 as 100 Flowers, 1996-1998 as The Urinals)

Kjehl Johansen - guitar, vocals
John Talley-Jones - bass, vocals
Kevin Barrett - drums, vocals


Subsequent studio albums: What Is Real And What Is Not (as The Urinals, 2008), Next Year At Marienbad (as The Urinals, 2015).

Singles / Albums

The Urinals - The Urinals 7" The Urinals - Another EP Urinals - Sex 100 Flowers - Presence Of Mind 100 Flowers - 100 Flowers
The Urinals
(7", as The Urinals, 1979)
Another EP
(7", as The Urinals, 1979)
(7", as Urinals, 1980)
Presence Of Mind
(7", as 100 Flowers, 1982)
100 Flowers
(LP, as 100 Flowers, 1983)
100 Flowers - Drawing Fire        
Drawing Fire
(12", as 100 Flowers, 1984)

Extraneous Releases

100 Flowers - 100 Years Of Pulchritude Urinals - Negative Capability...Check It Out!      
100 Years Of Pulchritude
(CD, as 100 Flowers, 1990)
Negative Capability... Check It Out!
(CD, as Urinals, 1996)


Urinals - Volume One Urinals - Volume Two Urinals - Volumes 1 & 2    
Volume One
(7", as Urinals, 1988)
Volume Two
(7", as Urinals, 1988)
Volumes 1 & 2
(2x7", as Urinals)

Various Artists

The Happy Squid Sampler US 7" 1980 (Happy Squid/The Centipede Foundation): U [Urinals]

Keats Rides A Harley US LP 1981 (Happy Squid): Salmonella [100 Flowers]

Hell Comes To Your House US LP 1981 (Bemisbrain): Reject Yourself [100 Flowers]

Life Is Ugly So Why Not Kill Yourself US LP 1982 (New Underground): Sensible Virgin [100 Flowers] / he's A Drone [Urinals]

WarfRat Tales US LP 1983 (WarfRat Grammophon): 100 Flowers / From The Fire [100 Flowers]

The Radio Tokyo Tapes US LP 1983 (Ear Movie): The Long Arm Of The Social Sciences [100 Flowers]

Year Of The Rats! ?? LP 1988 (no label): I'm A Bug / Ack Ack Ack / Sex / Hologram [Urinals]

Killed By Dentistry Vol 1 US LP 2000 (Killed By Dentistry): Dyslexia [100 Flowers]






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