Various - The Radio Tokyo Tapes

Various - The Radio Tokyo Tapes

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US LP 1983 (Ear Movie - EM C0027)

A1 The Last - It Had to Be You
A2 Jane Bond and The Undercover Men - The Spy Movie
A3 The Long Ryders - Still Get By
A4 Bangles - No Mag Commercial
A5 Choir Invisible - Hands of Another
A6 The Three O'Clock [Salvation Army] - All In Good Time
A7 Rain Parade - Saturday's Asylum
A8 The Spoiler Project - Made of Stone
B1 Minutemen - I Felt Like A Gringo
B2 Savage Republic - Mobilization
B3 Alisa & The Nomads - Living Underground
B4 Michael James ] - She Said Yes
B5 Wednesday Week - I Hate Lying to Mom
B6 100 Flowers - The Long Arm Of The Social Sciences
B7 Würm - Modern Man
B8 Action Now - I Want You
B9 Harvey Kubernik's Attention Getting Device - Noh Comment

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