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RF7 - RF7RF7 - RF7

Photos by: Chris Autlieri

Formed: Los Angeles, California, USA

This band play fast, blurry, badly produced, none-too-brainy hardcore on Fall In, an eight-song mini-album full of tirades against communists (‘Revolutionary Worker’), women (‘Vampire Lady’), greed (‘Fuck Money’) and war heroes (‘Viet Viets’, sympathetically described as “Screwed up, fucked up losers/They just won’t forget”). A good romp, although Felix Alanis sounds like he’s either got a bad cold or half of his brain cells are frozen, a problem that more or less sinks Weight Of The World. Again, some good material (‘Jesus Loves You’, the Dead Boys-esque ‘Chainsaw Love Affair’) is undone by weak production and the band’s inability to pull off the really fast numbers.

RF7 - RF7
Photo by: Chris Autlieri

All You Can Eat rounds up the first two albums and their debut single, which is chiefly memorable for a great version of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s ‘Fortunate Son’, and a handful of slower, rockier outtakes/demos that play to RF7’s strengths. All You Can Eat Vol 2 compiles all of Traditional Values, two songs apiece from later LPs Satan Vs. The Working Man and God Forbid, live stuff from 1985, a demo from 1980 and studio bits from as early as 1979.

RF7 - RF7RF7 - Jresus Loves You

ABOVE: Outtake from the 'Fall In' photo session with photographer Ed Colver, 1992. L-R: Walter, Nick, Felix and Robert.



Subsequent studio albums: Traditional Values (tape, 1991), Satan Vs. The Workingman (1996), God Forbid (1999), Addictions & Heartache (2004), Hatred On The Rise (2009), 101 (2014).

Singles & Albums

RF7 - Acts of DefianceActs of Defiance (7", 1980)

RF7 - Weight Of The WorldWeight Of The World (LP, 1981)

RF7 - Fall InFall In (12", 1982)

RF7 - Submit To Them FreelySubmit To Them Freely (7", 1983)

RF7 - RF7 '87RF7 '87 (LP, 1987)

Extraneous Releases

RF7 - All You Can EatAll You Can Eat (CD, 1995)

RF7 - All You Can Eat Vol IIAll You Can Eat Volume II (CD, 2002)

RF7 - RF7 7"RF7 (7", 2011)

Various Artists

Public Service US LP 1981 (Smoke Seven): World Of Hate / Scientific Race / Long Live Their Queen / Perfect World

American Youth Report US LP 1982 (Invasion):

Buried Alive: The Best From Smoke 7 Records 1981-1983 US LP 1983 (Smoke Seven): Fortunate Son / Fuck Money / Scientific Race - Perfect World

Lung Cookies - A National Collection US LP 1983 (Smoke Seven/Your Flesh): Not Now Generation / Submit to Them Freely

Buried Alive: The Best From Smoke 7 Records 1981-1983 US CD 1995 (Bomp!): Long Way To Go / Scientific Race - Perfect World / Fortunate Son / Fuck Money

All For One...One For All US CD 1995 (Grand Theft Audio): 57 Million People Dead

Travelling With George US CD 2013 (Scare America): Apathy Is Freedom / Penang Road / I Left My Arm In Fallujah




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