Sods - SODS

Formed: Copenhagen, Denmark

One of Denmark's first punk bands, and a very good one too.

Sods were full of spit and fire and could bash songs out a speed that could almost be described as hardcore. They helpfully sang in English. 'Television Sect' is a classic slice of angry punk with a pounding beat and breathless vocals:

Television sect
You've got no self respect
You think it's intellect
You let your mind defect

The LP, all 20-odd minutes of it, mixes more of the same with a Suicide influence (down to a cover of 'Ghost Rider') and is great, a furious slice of passion which is not for weaklings!

They changed their name to Sort Sol and under a new direction recorded: Under En Sort Sol (Medley, 1980), Dagger & Guitar (Medley, 1983), Everything That Rises Must Converge! (Medley, 1986), Flow My Firetear (Sony, 1991), Glamporpuss (Sony, 1993) and Unspoiled Monsters (Sony, 1996).



Singles & Albums

Sods - Television SectTelevision Sect (7", 1979)

Sods - Minutes To Go LPMinutes To Go (LP, 1979)

Extraneous Releases

Sods - Minutes To Go 7"Minutes To Go (7", 1995)


Sods - Recordings 78-79Recordings 78-79 (LP, 2008)

Various Artists

Pære Punk Denmark LP 1979 (Kong Pære): Rock´n Roll / Tin Can People / Military Madness

Concert Of The Moment: Live I Saltlageret d. 9-11/79 Denmark 3xLP 1980 (Irmgardz...): Suicide / She Feels Anger

Nosferatu Festival Denmark LP 1982 (no label): 7000 SR

Complication - A Danish Compilation Denmark LP 1984 (Bondeskiver): Ghostrider

Killed By Death #3 (Raw Rare Punk Rock 77-82) US LP 1989 (Redrum): Television Sect

Bloodstains Across Denmark LP 1997 (Bloodstains): Television Sect / Suicide

Never Mind The S*x P*stols Here's The Bollocks US CD 2006 (CIA): Copenhagen






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