Sods - Concert Of The Moment: Live I Saltlageret d. 9-11/79

Sods - Concert Of The Moment: Live I Saltlageret d. 9-11/79

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Denmark 3xLP 1980 (Irmgardz... - IRMG 2)

A1 Black Badges - Life
A2 Black Badges - No Soldier No War
A3 City Roots - City Roots
A4 City Roots - Blow On The Future
A5 City Roots - All Of Us
A6 Cellskräck - En Fejl
A7 Gate Crashers - Ha Ha Hi Hi
A8 Gate Crashers - Punx On Punx
A9 You-X - Nervous Wreck
A10 You-X - Colour
B1 Bubs - Hooray
B2 Bubs - Elektric Man
B3 Bubs - Every Fuck
B4 D-Day - Gimme Back My Revolution
B5 D-Day - Goodbye Song
B6 Prügelknaben - Quickstep
B7 Prügelknaben - Polution
B8 Mad Gustaf Band - Out Of Space Music
C1 Insect - Nazi
C2 Insect - Rutan
C3 Support - A Few Of The Best
C4 Bollocks - I'm Not Supposed To
C5 Bollocks - You Might Get Hurt
D1 No Knox - Rheingold
D2 No Knox - Physical Function Of The Male Orgasm
D3 Mc Värk - Uniformity
D4 Sods - Suicide
D5 Sods - She Feels Anger
D6 Identity - Circus Of Decay
E1 Usch - Øllllll
E2 Radar - Someone New
E3 Radar - Montmatre
E4 Radar - Fright
E5 Usch - Dit Eget Liv
E6 Usch - Accepterad?
F1 Usch - Tunnelbanan
F2 Usch - Schack

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Recorded 9th November 1979 at Saltlagere

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