The Sods, Harlow, Essex, England, UK

Formed: Harlow, Essex, England, UK

One of the legion of bands formed in the wake of the Bill Grundy incident, The Sods were a marvelous little band which gigged only locally (save for the odd London gig) and never got further than two exceptionally strong self-financed singles. They were, however, the biggest local punk band by some distance. They formed as The Rage but in November 1977 became The Sods when another band called The Rage began making a name for itself at The Roxy.

They supported: Wire, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Eddie & The Hot Rods, The Lurkers etc. They also headlined above The Newtown Neurotics and The Darleks (who later became The Epileptics). Scott Barker (later in 'Fatal' Microbes) played bass on the 2nd single.

Bassist Chris Wood passed away in late 2018. RIP.



Singles & Albums

The Sods - No PicturesNo Pictures (7", 1979)

The Sods - Mopey GropeMopey Grope (7", 1979)

Extraneous Releases

The Sods - Makes Me Sick!Makes Me Sick! (CD, 2006)

Various Artists

Killed By Death British DIY Volume 1 Italy LP 1998 (Redrum): No Pictures

Killed By Death #666 ?? LP 1998 (Redrum): Mopey Grope

Killed By 7 Inch Vol 1 To 5 ?? LP 2000 (Redrum): No Pictures

Stortbeat: A Musical Collective UK 2xCD 2004(Handsignal Recordings): No Pictures / Plaything / Snakes / Work

Messthetics # 2: UK '78-81 "D.I.Y." - Bands Si-To-Th US CDR ???? (Hyped To Death): Negative Positive / No Pictures Of Us

Killed By 7 Inch #3 ?? 7" ???? (Redrum): No Pictures



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