The Stranglers - IV

The Stranglers - IV

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US LP+7" 1980 (IRS - SP 70011 / SP 70952)

A1 The Raven 5:12
A2 Baroque Bordello 3:48
A3 Duchess 2:29
A4 Nuclear Device 3:28
A5 Meninblack 4:48
B1 5 Minutes 3:15
B2 Rok It To The Moon 2:24
B3 Vietnamerica 4:09
B4 G.m.b.H. 3:52
B5 Who Wants The World? 3:20
Bonus Single
C1 Do The European 4:25
C2 Choosey Suzie 3:12
D1 White Room 3:52
D2 Straighten Out 2:48

Chart Placings



B1-B2, B4-B5: Previously unreleased on any Stranglers album
B3: Previously unreleased

A1-A5: Produced by The Stranglers and Alan Winstanely. Engineered by Alan Winstanely and Steve Churchyard
B1-B2: Produced by Martin Rushent. Engineered by Alan Winstanely
B3: Produced by The Stranglers. Engineered by Steve Churchyard
B4: Produced by The Stranglers and Steve Churchyard. Engineered by Steve Churchyard
B5: Produced by The Stranglers. Engineered by Gary Edwards and Laurence Diana
C1: Produced by Jean Jacques Burnel, Martin Rushent, Alan Winstanley
C2, D2: Produced by Martin Rushent
D1: Produced and arranged by Hugh Cornwell & Robert Williams

Additional Credits

A1-A5: From The Raven, released 1979
B1-B2: 5 Minutes 7", released January 1978
B3: Previously unreleased
B4: Previously unreleased version of a song originally issued (in shorter form) as Bear Cage / Shah Shah A Go Go 7"/12", in March 1980
B5: A-Side of Who Wants The World? 7", released May 1980
C1: From the Jean-Jacques Burnel solo album Euroman Cometh, released April 1979
C2: A-Side of free single with first 10,000 pressings of Rattus Norvegicus, released May 1977
D1: From the Hugh Cornwell and Robert Wiliams album Nosferatu, released April 1979
D2: AA-Side of Something Better Change / Straighten Out 7", released July 1977

Hugh Cornwell sings lead vocals on all songs except:
Jean Jacques Burnel: 'The Raven', 'Meninblack', '5 Minutes', 'Do The European' and 'Choosey Suzie'

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The Stranglers - IV - US LP+7" 1980 (IRS - SP 70011 / SP 70952)The Stranglers - IV - US LP+7" 1980 (IRS - SP 70011 / SP 70952)

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