Twisted Nerve - TWISTED NERVE

Formed: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Twisted Nerve - Lineup #1
Lineup first single

Twisted Nerve - Gothy
Lineup third/fourth single

Punks who got gothier as they went on, especially when they replaced singer Gordon Munro and guitarist Billy McNair after their first single (actually recorded for a Peel Session).


Singles / Albums

Twisted Nerve - Caught In Session Twisted Nerve - Five Minutes Of Fame Twisted Nerve - Eyes You Can Drown In Twisted Nerve - Séance  
Caught In Session
(7", 1982)
Five Minutes Of Fame
(7", 1983)
Eyes You Can Drown In (12", 1983) Séance (12", 1984)  

Extraneous Releases

Twisted Nerve - Twisted Nerve        
Twisted Nerve
(CDR. 2007)


Various Artists

Mint Sauce For The Masses UK 7" (Playlist): Neutral Zone / Vertigo

State Of Affairs UK Tape 1984 (Pleasantly Surprised): Yes Man





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